Government and International Institutions and Organizations in Thailand

 Revenue Department, Thailand
The Revenue Department collects a variety of taxes. English language allows you to check whether you need to pay personal income tax (and other taxes) in Thailand.
 United Nations Development Programme - Thailand
UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme, creates and supports partnerships to fight poverty and leads in advice, advocacy and resources to empower the poor.
 Ministry of Tourism and Sports
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports provides information about tourism and sports in Thailand. Also travel statistics available.
 CIA - The World Factbook : Thailand
Essential facts about Thailand as provided by the Central Intelligence Agency : geography, people, government, economy, communications, transport, military and transnational issues.
 Office of Industrial Economics
Organisation proposing industrial policies as well as an information center indicating industrial situation which is up–to–date and reliable.
 Customs Department
The Customs Department is responsible for : collection of customs taxes and duties ; collection of other import and export taxes on behalf of other government agencies such as value added tax, excise tax, and municipal tax ; supervision of imports and exports to ensure compliance with relevant laws. Go (to English) to Integrated Tariff Database to see current tariffs of taxes and duties.
 General Prem Tinsulanonda
General Prem Tinsulanonda was prime minister from 1980 till 1988. He was one of Thailand's Statesmen, and the President of the Privy Council for many years. - Royal Thai Government
Government policies, cabinet line–up, cabinet synopsis, press releases, speeches, schedules of events, prime minister guestbook.
 National Statistics Office
The NSO is the core body responsible for Thailand's statistical activities including the collection, dissemination of basic data and providing recommendations, based on the data.
 Thailand board of Investment
One–stop–shop for online information about up–to–date business and investment opportunities.