Traditional Medicine - Dietary Supplements

 Khaolaor Laboratories Ltd. Part.
Khaolaor Laboratories Ltd. Part. : Herbal Medicines ( Moringa Oleifera, Pueraria mirifica, Lingzhi extract capsules) ; Health Foods (Garlic Extract Powder Capsule under brandname Immunytop 2000) ; Herbal drinks ; Beauty Care products (Pueraria mirifica cream).
 Gold Mints Products Co. Ltd. - Poysian
Gold Mints Products : inhalants and balm oils under the Poy Sian brand name, for help with colds, nasal congestion, vertigo and motion sickness. Available at most pharmacies.
 Wangprom Herb Co. Ltd.
Wangprom Herb manufactures herbal balms. Different hot and cool balms, available at Watsons, Boots, 7Eleven etc. Massage ointments, inhalant, souvenir sets.
 MustThai - Thai Grocery
MustThai offers an online grocery store for Thai food products. Rice, seasonings, spices, cereals, Thai desserts, tea and coffee, chilli pastes. Also selection of Thai traditional medicine, especially herbs guaranteed by Thai Herb Quality Guaranteed by Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Foundation Foundation, a famed institute from Prachinburi province.
 Ouay Un Osoth Co. Ltd.
Ouay Un Osoth is a herbal medicine and supplement manufacturer. Senna leaves, andrographis, turmeric, lingzhi, cat's whisker, cinnamon, curcuma, ginger, pueraria mirifica, ginseng extract. Respiratory system lozenges. You can consult and Traditional Thai doctor online via Line.
 Thai Herbal Products
Thai Herbal Products : Lingzhi Ganoderma, Gynostemma, Acanthus, Andrographis, Curcuma Longa, Garcinia, Ginkgo Biloba, Moringa Olifeira, etc. Health teas, essential oils, insect and mosquito repellents, balms and liniments. Online store. Located Samut Prakarn.
 Thai Herbal Products Co. Ltd.
Thai Herbal Products is a joint venture between GPO (Govermental Pharmaceutical Organization) and the private sector. Wide variety of herbal and nutritional supplements.
 Bertram (1958) Co. Ltd.
Siang Pure a herbal remedy for all types of discomforts and is a staple product in Asian households. Siang Pure Oil formula 1 (original) and formula 2 (mild). Peppermint inhalers.
 Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Golden Cup Balm provides gentle relief, soothing to the senses, without being overwhelming. Golden Cup Oil is a blend of naturally occurring oils and botanical essences offering concentrated relief for muscular pain, insect bites, headaches and nasal congestion.
 JSP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Public Co. Ltd.
JSP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing provides dietary supplements, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, traditional medicines, which are registered with the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) under the customer’s brand. No list of available items.
 Ya in Thai Co. Ltd.
Ya in Thai produces a number of plant based creams and lotions. Pueraria Mirifica powder, Andrographis paniculata capsules.
 Ieonam Osot Co. Ltd.
Ieonam Osot has more than 80 years of experience in producing natural herbs. Natural herbal products for OEM operators, both locally and internationally.
 Hatakabb (Sim Tien Hor) Co. Ltd.
Four flavors (herbal medicine flavor, plum flavor, mint flavor and lemongrass flavor) are producted by Hatakabb.
 Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine
Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital : Ayurvedic Clinic, traditional Thai massage, Ayurvedic Siriraj Manufacturing Unit of Herbal Medicine and Products (no list of products available).
 New Concept Product Co. Ltd.
New Concept Product : Fitne herbal teas and coffee, Hotta instant ginger, Ladina herbal extract capsules, Coenzyme Q10.
 Siribuncha Corporation
Siribuncha produces pharmaceutical products (alcohol sprays, hydrogen peroxide, povidone iodine, iodine tincture, etc.), traditional and herbal medicine (cough syrup, curcumin capsules, lingzhi capsules, black ginger, andrographis paniculata capsules, etc.) Located Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.