Tai Chi Chuan in Thailand

Samui Tai Chi Thailand provides Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner courses (100 hours) on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Also shorter courses are held. Furthermore we offer coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP as well as rebalancing of body and mind.
 Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan in Chiang Mai offers a 10-day (60 hours) Intensive Residence Introductory Training Program in The Essential Postures of Tai Chi Chuan. The teaching is a continual cycle of theory, practice and feedback. A lot of the class time is spent on practice and feedback.
 Tai Chi Koh Phangan
You can find us at Mae Had beach, at the northeast of Koh Phangan. Our teaching program includes Tai Chi, combined with meditation und Chi Kung.
 Tai Chi Chuan at Body & Mind Healing Studio
Learn the internal art of Wudang Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Kung), harnessing your healing power and self confidence, through the art of movement and stillness. You will learn step by step the connecting, flowing movements in the short form and the self defence applications, hidden within the Wudang Tai Chi Chuan hand form.
 Here & Now
Here & Now is located in a remote area near Bo Thai village in the Phetchabun province. Multi-day Tai Chi courses for beginners and more.
 Dharana Phuket Meditation Center
Phuket Meditation provides free Meditation courses on Phuket Island. We teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung allover Phuket. You can find information about meditation, mind and our center as well as our course schedule. We hope to see you soon. Your Phuket Meditation team.