Dental Hospital, located Sukhumvit Road Soi 77. Dental Services.

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Lobby with waiting area at Dental Hospital Bangkok

The main waiting area at Dental Hospital, now located at Sukhumvit Soi 77.

Dental services at Dental Hospital :

We regularly used the services of the Dental Hospital when it was located in Sukhumvit Soi 49. Recently we have visited the new location of the hospital off Onnut Road (Sukhumvit Soi 77)

First, how to get there?
Enter Onnuj Road walking, by car or by taxi. After about 700-800 meters you will see sidestreet 1/1 (Thai language : nung thap nung) with also signs pointing to Habito Mall. Dental Hospital is located adjacent to the mall. Enter Soi 1/1 , in front will be a security boot with barrier, pass it, cross a bridge and you will arrive at Habito Mall. The walk from BTS skytrain station to the dental hospital will take about 15-20 minutes. If lucky, the shuttle bus will pass you, and let you aboard. This is the only way to be sure to be on time! If walkin the whole distance, you will be sweaty on arriving, we suggest you bring a clean shirt or polo shirt along.

If you want to take a taxi : Most drivers around Onnuj will claim not to now any 'Habito Mall'. Ask for Onnuj Soi 1/1 instead. There is a small problem in that the security when entering the gated community, asks for some document to be stamped by the driver, at his destination. This is a bit confusing, and may be a reason why taxi drivers are a bit reluctant to go to your destination. We suggest you find the hospital, take the taxi driver into the ground floor small lobby, and have his ticket stamped.

Walking the distance from Onnuj Skytrain Station will take about 15-20 minutes.

There is a shuttle bus between Onnuj station and Habito Mall, now every 20 minutes from 10:30 AM onwards. Wait at the bus stop (there is a sign) close the Tesco Lotus entrance, exit 2 from the sky train. Below is the schedule from Habito Mall to Onnuj (or Phra Khanong) skytrain station. The trip takes about 10 minutes depending on traffic. So you can estimate when the buses go into the opposite direction. There seems to be no fixed schedule for departures from Tesco-Lotus.

Busschedule from Habito Mall to Onnuj BTS Station. Mostly buses go every 20 minutes, except during peak hours and the weekend

Bus schedule from Habito Mall (100 meters from Dental Hospital) to Onnuj BTS station. Basically service every 20 minutes except during peak hours and during the weekend.


All in all, Dental Hospital is more difficult to reach than at the previous location. Leave home on time! But the last few times we visited, we arrived way too early. The increased bus frequency is much welcomed, and the buses are actually well used (there is also a school on the premises).

The Hospital

The hospital has its main lobby area on the sixth floor, with a small lobby at the ground floor entrance. Treatment rooms are on the other floors. Each floor seems to have its own waiting room, and definitively, the rooms are spacious, as are the treatment rooms.

There is an abundance of various dental specialists, and you can get any necessary dental work done here. Different dentists will work on subsets of work to be done. This a in our opinion a good setup. Prices of work done are not arbitrary, but clearly defined. Patients' data are put on computer files, and you will be regularly reminded when you need your next dental checkup by email messages.

At present, about sixty percent of the patients are foreigners. When overviewing people in the waiting area, we reckon most are expatriates living in Bangkok, a minority medical tourists.

Their is a list of dental procedures and the prices quoted available at the reception counter when entering the hospital. You will need to pay in advance for some treatments (like crowns, root canals, implants).

Dental treatments have progressed over the last few years and have been speeded up. We noted before that we needed 6 visits (including root canal) to finish a crown on one of our teeth. Now this would take only 2 to 4 visits.

The Dental Hospital also has a small 'pharmacy' in its lobby. You can get here all kinds of dental hygiene instruments, including regular and specialized tooth brushes, interdental brushes, dental floss, oral desinfectants etc. Tooth brushes from Tepe are featured, whick are softer than most.

We think it is unfortunate that Dental Hospital does not list all its dentists and their qualifications and specialties on their website. You can get namecards, if you ask for it.

Most international hospitals in Bangkok give more information about physicians and dentists on their websites. We think it is beneficial if you have the names for you to do your own research and/or make an appointment online.

Unless you explicitly ask for it, you will not know the name of the dentist who works on your teeth. Most will go by their nickname or first name.Even your receipt will not mention the name. There is also some kind of 'dental unit' system in place (we guess this is common, and we do not say this is good or bad), where the dentist who does your root canal refers you to one particular colleague to do the crown, who may refer you to one other colleague if you may be in need of a dental implant for another tooth etc.

Advice : You may have different appointments for procedures and for your regular cleaning schedule. We do recommend to make separate check-up appointments (like together with cleaning), especially if you have dental complaints. Over time, we personally realized that it is not a good idea to have your treating dentist to have a look instead. They may not have sufficient time to do so, and/or would much prefer to get on with the business at hand.

Note :

Dental Hospital may be closed for a few days during holiday periods. However, the hospital does provide 24-hour emergency services (on call).

Dental Hospital Website

View from the lobby on the sixth Floor of Dental Hospital at Soi Onnuj, Bangkok

View from the main lobby and waiting area on the sixth floor of Dental Hospital. Always attractive to have a waterway closeby.

Dental services at other hospitals and clinics :

The dental department of the major hospitals in Bangkok for sure also offer good dental services.
You may notice when viewing our directory listings of dental services available, that you have a lot of choice. A lot of services seem mainly to be catering to dental tourists. Often it appears as if mostly cosmetic dental services are offered, like 'whitening' services. Dental implants also seem to be widely available. Before going for any 'whitening' treatment or other cosmetic work, we suggest you research a bit, because we just presume that this may not be the best way for long-term dental health. We do not know about the expenses for various treatments. As a guideline, we just assume that dental services at major hospitals (Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General, Samitivej Hospital) will be priced at similar levels. Most clinics likely provide services at lower rates. Often materials used can be cheap or expensive. For example, if you need a crown or a bridge, different materials from different sources are available. If you are charged less for services, you may want to consider that some of the material may be of lower quality (to provide long-term beneficial results).

Beware of where you get treatment. A few years back we allowed for a check-up at a small dental clinic nearby. When some X-rays needed to be taken, I first thought I had enter a janitor's closet.

General Common Sense advice about Dental Treatment :

1) Some treatments are necessary. Examples : toothache, that likely needs a filling ; broken tooth ; regular cleaning ; etc. It needs to be done, so make your choice of dentist, ask maybe in advance how much it is likely to cost.

2) Some treatments are more optional. During check-ups or while visiting a dentist for a planned treatment, we have been advised at times the following : Multiple fillings (10 or more ?) though we did not have complaints ; suggestions to redo existing crowns, because they did not look so beautiful anymore.
If you are given this type of advice, we suggest you think it over carefully, and maybe you can consider a second opinion.
To put it simply : dental practioners can have different opinions and/or incentives to provide treatments. It is not necessarily to your benefit to undergo not yet necessary dental work (and we do not consider solely the financial aspect). Medicine is not only a science.

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