Information Technology Services and Consultants.

 Skywave Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Skywave Technologies (Thailand) is a Bangkok-based, 100% German-owned IT services company. Software and web development, offshore software development, outsourced IT management services, IT infrastructure consulting, IT training and coaching.
 Taknet Systems Co. Ltd.
Taknet System is an Information Technology company. It provides trusted server and storage solutions. Taknet is also doing software development and distributes computer hardware. It also manufactures its own storage solutions.
 DataSafe Co. Ltd.
DataSafe provides document storage solutions : storage management, document management, electronic media storage, document scanning services, document and information destruction services. Subsidiary of JVK Holding Group.
 Anthrosites - Websites with Culture
Website promotion, e-marketing and search engine optimization specialists.
Emeritis is an international human resources (HR) and technology services company, providing services to enterprises with offices in Europe and Asia Pacific (Bangkok). HRIS implementation partner, using state-of-the-art software (SAP). Offices Silom Road.
 Viva Creative Studio Co. Ltd.
Service of Viva include : branding, advertising, event platforms, graphic design, production management. Members of our team are fluent in English, Thai and Cantonese.
 International Research International Plc
International Research International provides information technology products and services. Consulting, design, implementation and computer system services. Network business. Replicator business for Microsoft OEM products. Software, hardware and peripherals.
 124 Communications Co. Ltd.
124 Communications has assisted leading global firms with public relations services. Qualified professionals for : B2B business consulting, Issues and Crisis Management, Investor relations, Policy consulting, or strategic branding.
 Metro Systems Corporation Public Co. Ltd.
Metro Systems Corporation delivers IT products and services including hardware, software, security, office supplies, networking and data center products.
MFEC Professional Services helps organizations build IT systems that align with continually changing business requirements. Hardware technology partners include : Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Symantec, Hitachi and Green Plum. Software technology from : IBM, Oracle, BMC, Business Objects, Microsoft.
 Busisoft (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
BusiSoft is specialized in Security and network services infrastructure.
 BitSiren Co. Ltd.
BitSiren delivers high professional standards for your Technology and Communications outsourcing needs, at Asia-competitive prices. Information technology and advertising services in Phuket.
 Compass IT Solutions
Compass IT Solutions provides a range of IT services for business in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. Compass have over 5 years Networking experience in Thailand and over 13 years of experience internationally. We specialize in all Microsoft products.
 Simplicity International Co. Ltd.
Simplicity International was formed by eBusiness professionals and technologists that have been able to harness the benefits of years of work in the IT industry to form a model for IT solutions and maintenance support that leaves the competition behind. Services include : E-business solutions, E-commerce and IT Consulting, data recovery support, digital signage, computer repairs.
 Freewill Solutions Co. Ltd.
Freewill Solutions provides software solutions to securities/brokerage and non-life insurance industries in Thailand, and offers business and technology consulting services to various industries. We implement world class technology solutions, concepts, and practices.
 SoftControl Co. Ltd.
SoftControl is one of Thailand's foremost IT providers for vital IT services. We provide swift and trouble free access to IT information and knowledge to enhance your business productivity. We specialize in IT support and outsourcing - software and web-application development.
 Phuket IT Solutions
In 2006 Pixy Asia was established and choosing a select few clients the company started to grow. Until today the same philosophy of -keep IT simple- has helped Pixy provide and deliver tailored solutions to both local and international clients.
 SEG IT Services
SEG brings innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology into the business of customers. We deliver full-service Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), web solutions, and IT consulting services.
 Firstcraft Digital Solutions
Firstcraft is a Digital solutions agency who are expert on the digitized world with wide range of experiences from SMEs to PLCs.
 induIT Co. Ltd.
induIT offers SAP B1 ERP Services, IT network solutions, database management and complete industrial IT Services. Located Bangkok, Thailand.
Augmentis provides high quality IT service people. Headquartered in Bangkok (South Sathorn road), we have on-going operations in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. Technology expertise includes : Microsoft, Java, database technology, SAP, sofware testing, etc.
 TechSpace IT Solutions
Techspace IT Solutions, located near Phrakanong BTS station, offers IT Solutions including business software, systems integration, IT maintenance and support for businesses in Thailand.
 Simat Technologies Plc
Simat Technologies offers consultation for computer hardware and software, functional and operational related issues. Hardware suppliers for products from iScan, Intermec, Honeywell, Motorola and Zebra. Manufacturer of self-adhesive label stickers. Asset management, warehouse management systems, etc.
 Premier Technology Public Co. Ltd.
Through its subsidiary Datapro Computer Systems, Premier Technology provides : hardware and software, IT products, system and data management software, application software. Annual maintenance services, training and consulting services, outsourcing services.
 Brid Systems Co. Ltd.
Our products include a wide range of business applications working in conjunction with a strong ERP system, the PlanetOne ERP. Our solutions are based on pure Java technology, the choice of superior platform to build a business system today. [ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning]
 Oasis Consulting
With SAP R/3 solutions, we are able to deliver real–time access to critical business processes such as customer order entry, shipping, billing, production planning, purchasing and accounting.
 CRM Asia Solutions - CRM Consulting, Thailand
CRM Asia Solutions, Thailand is an independent, specialist Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting company focusing on implementation of on demand CRM solutions, inexpensive web design, SEO/digital marketing and email marketing services for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Thailand and the SE Asia region.
 Intowave (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Infowave is Asia–Pacific's leading consulting firm specializing in Emerging Technologies and Advanced Concepts. Object–Oriented Technology : Java, CORBA, Methodologies, CMM Processes, XML, WAP etc.
 Business Intelligence Consulting
Business Intelligence Consulting offers customers a single point of contact for delivering turnkey Linux-based solutions, including software, hardware, appliances, support and professional services
 BMJ Consultancy Group Co.Ltd.
BMJ Consultancy Group Co. Ltd, provides information technology, human resources, accounting, auditing, legal and financial consulting services in Bangkok Thailand.