English-Language Authors in Thailand, Thai Literature, Bookstores

 Timothy Hallinan
Timothy Hallinan has written five crime thrillers featuring Poke Rafferty and set in Bangkok, getting great reviews from readers and critics.

 Colin Cotterill
Colin Cotterill is a London-born teacher, crime writer and cartoonist. He now lives in Northern Thailand and has written numerous mystery books featuring Dr. Siri, an elderly coroner, set in the People's Democratic Republic of Laos. More recently he has published books, set in Southern Thailand, featuring Jimm Juree.

 The Official Vincent Calvino Website
Christopher G. Moore is a Canadian writer and the author of the popular Vincent Calvino Private Eye series, set mostly in Thailand. Vincent Calvino features in 14 of Christopher Moore' s books.

 Orchid Press
Orchid Press is a specialized publishing house devoted to books related to Asia : books of general interest, scholarly texts, fiction, and poetry, both new works and reprints. Our policy is to keep books in print for a number of years. Books are sold through distributors, booksellers and directly to customers around the world.

 River Books Press
River Books Press, founded in 1990, is a major publisher of Southeast Asia art and culture books. We focus on both the antiquity and the living culture of mainland Southeast Asia in various aspects including archaeology, architecture, textiles, artefacts and way–of–life. We also publish books in Thai language and bilingual dictionaries.

 The Neilson Hays Library
Neilson Hays Library, located on Suriwongse road. Also houses an art gallery.

Based in Bangkok, BooksMango is a pioneer publisher of eBooks featuring hundreds of authors with thousands of books published. eBook conversions, cover designs, distribution. Also contact address in U.S.A.

 Frank Hurst
Frank Hurst is a former crime investigator who now writes authentic thrillers set in the world of espionage and organized crime, based in London and Thailand. His first two books The Postmistress of Nong Khai and The Chiang Mai Assignment received great reviews and he is currently writing the final book in a trilogy of stories featuring investigator Mike Rawlin.

 Books Kinokuniya (Thailand)
Books Kinokuniya has large branches in Thailand at its Bangkok Store (Isetan 6th floor), Sukhumvit Store (Emporium 3rd floor), and Siam Paragon Store (3rd level Siam Paragon). Website offers online shopping for English-language and Japanese-language books.

 White Lotus Books
White Lotus Books offers an online store for more rare books produced about Thailand and surrounding countries. Emphasis on culture and society.

 Morgan Mcfinn
Morgan Mcfinn is the author of three books, set in Thailand and South-East Asia : Out of the Loop, All over the Map, At the Bamboo Bar. You can find them at bookstores in Bangkok. Contains also a humorous blog about the life of the author and his sojourns throughout Southeast Asia.

 Silkworm Books Ltd. Partn.
Silkworm Books sells a variety of mostly non-fiction books about Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. Head office in Chiang Mai, with books on sale in Bangkok at Kinokuniya, Chulanlongkron and Thammasat University Book Centers, Siam Society (Asoke) etc.

 Hostage Press International - David Young
News and reviews of David Young's critically acclaimed Thailand novels including : No Problem Girl, Bangkok Dick, Sukhumvit Road, Fast Eddie's Lucky 7 A-Go-Go, Thailand Joy, The Scribe, Khaosan Road, The Hit Parade.

 Dasa Book Cafe, Sukhumvit Road
Dasa book cafe : More than 10,000 second hand (English language) books. Located close to Phrom Phong BTS station, on main Sukhumvit Road. With coffee corner.

 Stephen Leather
Stephen Leather is one of our most favored authors (ed.). He wrote a number of recommended books (international thriller genre) featuring Dan Spider Shepherd. In Thailand he is best known for his novel 'Private Dancer', which gives insights into the nightlife scene in Bangkok. More recently he published books where 'reality and the occult collide', the Jack Nightingale series.

 Collin Piprell
Collin Piprell has written both fiction (Kicking Dogs, Bangkok knights, Yawn, Bangkok Old Hand) and non-fiction books (about diving and the national parks) related to Thailand. He blogs (or writes) about various topics on his site.

 John Burdett
John Burdett's crime novels are situated in Bangkok. His main investigating character is a Thai policeman, named Sonchai Jitpleecheep. Good reads, though the crimes and the plots invariably are a bit weird. (ed.) Novels : Bangkok 8, Bangkok Haunts, Bangkok Tattoo, The Godfather of Kathmandu and most recently Vulture Peak.

 Pattaya Books by Duncan Stearn
Books from Pattaya, Thailand reviewed by Duncan Stearn, well known writer on Pattaya and its nightlife and bar scene.

 BB eBooks Thailand, eBook Designer
BB eBooks uses the latest technology - HTML, CSS, and XML - to design professional eBooks. Conversion to eReading formats is our skilled service. BB eBooks provides frequent updates about the eBook industry and provides tutorials on how to create an eBook. Our eBooks look excellent across a wide range of electronic reading devices

 Only 13 - The true story of Lon
From a child runaway, to a top earner in Thailand's prolific sex industry, comes the story of a little girl in an impoverished land where girls aren't valuable enough to educate, yet are expected to become the primary income earners - responsible for the basic needs and welfare of their families. U.S. printing, best seller book of Asia Books.

 Christopher G. Moore
Christopher G. Moore is easily the most prolific English language writer, based in Thailand. He has written more than 10 novels in the Vincent Calvino crime series.

Thailand Fever is an astonishing, one-of-a-kind, bilingual exposé of the cultural secrets that are the key to a smooth Thai-Western relationship. Whether you met in a bar, in a university, or at work, and whether you met last night or decades ago, Thailand Fever covers your issues. Thailand Fever is the must-have relationship guidebook which lets each of you finally express complex issues by just pointing across the page!

 A different brand of English - Andrew Mason
Only travel guide that solely is a guide for World War Two and Prisoners of War, so it contains a lot of info on Kanchanaburi, both contemporary and war time; including interviews etc of exPOWs who worked there. By Andrew Mason.

 Asia Books
English language books. Store has many good gift item books. Works of many English language novellists, located in Thailand.

 Tuk-Tuk, by Thomas Konkol
Spike spends his savings on a tuk-tuk, has to deal with street thugs, who almost destroy his tuk-tuk, and withstands many hardships leading to a final catastrophe that stops the city (Bangkok). First novel by Thomas Konkol.

Ron Emmons, a writer and photographer based in Thailand, presents some of his images and articles on nature, travel, buddhism and photography.

 Comm Bangkok Co. Ltd.
Publications by Comm Bangkok Co. Ltd. : Factory directory, Golf course Guide, Discount Guide. Also information in Japanese language. Available in major book stores.

 DCO On-line Shopping in Thailand
Online shopping for : books, software, hardware, accessories, language learning.