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 What's On Sukhumvit
An independent blog posting daily news, reviews and opinion pieces from residents of Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road.

 Karsten Aichholz
Karsten Aichholz writes in-depth guides on expat issues like renting, health insurance, fitness options and similar topics.

 Austin Bush Photography
This blog has two section : one is a Thai food blog, the other a photo blog of Thailand. Austin Bush is a freelance photographer/writer, based in Thailand. He writes and photographs for Lonely Planet, and made contributions to various newspapers and magazines.

 Jamie's Phuket
Jamie has lived in Phuket since 1999 and the Phuket blog has been online since 2006 with lots of information about things to do in and around Phuket, based mainly on activities enjoyed by Jamie and his family.

 Social media Marketing Thailand
Blog about how to use content marketing effectively and how to get more followers using social media.

 Retail Plus Bangkok
Retail Plus Bangkok is a blog and online store for men and women. It aims to be an online resource for small businesses, culture, travel, and fashion with an Asian perspective.

 Bangkok Diaries - Tales from the 'Big Mango'
A collection of expat stories about their experiences in Bangkok, Thailand.

 Thailand Scuba Tours
Thailand Scuba Tours offers information about holidays to Thailand with scuba diving at the core. We provide travel information for solo adventure travelers as well as families who just want hassle free travel information or dive site recommendations across Thailand.

 The Story of Nong Grace
Days in the life of Nong Grace, born in 2003. Cheerful pictures of Nong Grace having good fun.

 The Exotic Adventures of a Literary Sexagenarian
A retired law professor, Andrew Hicks regales readers with descriptions of his idyllic life in the rice fields of Thailand, comments with mild cynicism on affairs of the heart between Thai ladies and farang and waxes lyrical about all matters Thai, both personal, agricultural and political.

  Stories from the life of Stuart G.Towns
Since August of 2002, Stuart G.Towns has been living, working, traveling, learning, photographing, and writing in Bangkok. This website is a small chronicle of the things he has done and seen over the past few years.

 Thai Photo Blogs
Thai Photo Blogs offers daily news and travel photographs from Thailand.

 Thai Prison Life narrates the life of a Thai rather famous webmaster in the Samut Prakarn Central Prison, where he is being detained as punishment for drug use.

 Richard Barrow
Richard Barrow intends to promote Thai life and culture. Website is part of the Paknam Web Network. Good on this site is the navigation, which gives a clear overview of different topics. offers a forum that concentrates mainly on the nightlife in Bangkok. However, also general topics, health, visas, travel, relationships are discussed. : These online journals and short stories have been written by people with a love of Thailand. Some writers are expats living in Thailand, others are Thai people either at home or abroad. The latest stories appear at the top of the page.