Lumphini Park


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View in the direction of Sathorn Road - Lumphini Park


What is actually lacking a lot in Bangkok are free open spaces and parks. Lumphini Park though has been around for a long time, and offers a lot of greenery. Located quite centrally it is surrounded by major thoroughfares : Rama IV road in the south, Rajadamri road to the west, Witthayu road to the east.

The Silom road MRT station kas an exit that takes you to southern edge of Lumpini Park, so you don not have to cross very busy Rama IV road. Rajadamri road station of the BTS (skytrain) is also within walking distance of the park.

Lumphini Park - Keeping the park clean


The park itself is very spacious and well kept, and at weekdays it is hardly crowded. There is a substantial artificial lake and one can hire a boat to go paddling (or rather 'cycling') on it for a modest fee.
The park also has one of the few public libraries in Bangkok, and a well used open-air exercise facility. In the early morning one can observe the practising of Tai-Chi.

Lumphini Park - Public Library with building on Rama IV in the background


No pets are allowed, so you can unfortunately no go there to walk the dog. What is not quite understandable is that there are apparently no outlets where one can buy water or other drinks, so bring it along with you from outside if you want to spend some time walking or cycling there, the heat of Bangkok can be very taxing. The park is well used by joggers of all ages. On walking through it, we did not notice any facility that had bikes for rent. The park is a somewhat better place to cycle than Benjakitti Park. The cycling track is almost twice as long, and offers more variety. Cycling at Lumpini Park is allowed between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. You always have to beware (on some stretches of the road) of the walkers and joggers though.

Lumphini Park - Lots of boats but hardly any users


When walking around it is quite obvious that a lot of people are involved in keeping the park clean and tidy.

There are many benches and covered pavillions, so if you want you can relax quite conveniently and read a good book. Lots of birds (of course a lot of pigeons) that are not at all very worried of staying in proximity to humans. There seem to be less water animals than before, but likely you might still encounter a monitor lizard one day.

At the southwestern corner is a statue of Rama IV of the Chakri Dynasty. Official ceremonies are sometimes performed there.

P.S. : What about the name Lumphini Park? Well, Lumphini Park is named after the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.

Lumphini Park - Statue of Rama IV


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