Cycling from Benjakitti Park to Lumpini Park


Entrance to the cycling road towards Lumpini Park from Benjakitti park

This is the entrance to the cycling path, linking Benjakitti park with Lumpini park, at the northwestern corner of Benjakitti park.


We have been going for exercise, both jogging and cycling, at Benjakitti Park, but only after many years of doing so, we discovered quite by accident, the entrance to a cycling path, linking Benjakitti Park with the larger Lumpini Park, close to Silom road. The little road sign in the picture above, indicates 'Lumpini' and does not give one notice in English language. When you enter the cycling path, pay attention to turn left before the wooden bridge you will notice in front (which brings you into a road parallel with Sukhumvit, but is not the way to go).

It takes about 10 minutes (we estimate between 3 and 4 kilometers) to get to Lumpini Park. Once on the cycling path, there are no possible mistakes. It is all straight going. Most of the time the path, which also can be used by pedestrians, is rather wide (between 6 to 8 meters), and you will not see many users (at least not in the middle of a weekday, when we first adventured on it).

One note of caution : you need to be a bit in good shape to do it. Because on the way and at the end there are 3 'bridges' to negotiate, one pictures below. There is a slope in the middle to push your bike up or down. You can not possibly stay on your bike, it is way to steep to do so. So if you have a bit of luggage, or a child on your bike, it is not a recommended exercise.

Bridge on the cycling path towards Lumpini Park

One of the 3 bridges you will have to negotiate on the cycle path between Benjakitti park and Lumpini park. There is an incline in the middle so you can push your bike up and down. Notice the barriers on both sides, which are present from beginning to end of the cycling path (there are some exits on the way).


There are a few exits from the cycle path, mostly to local communities 'downstairs', but apparently not many people, except for a few children, wander upstairs from below. On the way to Lumpini Park, we noticed a small mosque on the left side (when going to Lumpini).

The building of the cycling path must have cost quite a few baht, but is not exactly well advertised. The road has been built somewhere around 2012, we think, since we found some reports about it from that time, when searching online. It cuts somewhere right through the middle of the Tobacco Monopoly compound, then crosses a few roads and one major highway (!!!). (Chaloem Mahanakorn Highway, the one you pass when going from Sukhumvit road to Phloenchit road).

Mosque close to the cycling path between Benjakitti Park and Lumpini Park

A litte surprise on the way : a small mosque in the middle of a local community.


On the other end, the cycle path ends somewhere in the middle of Witthayu road. You will see Sarasin road right in front of you and that is the road that will bring you most conveniently into Lumpini park. There are a few entrances into the park from Sarasin road. On foot you could also follow Witthayu road and enter from that side, but the exit from the cycling path delivers you on the right side of Witthayu road (that is, the wrong side of the road). FYI, Sarasin road has at least two interesting bicycle shops : Probike and Culture Cycliste.

Please be advised that while you can cycle all day around Benjakitti Park (that is : between opening and closing times), time to cycle is limited at Lumpini Park, and you will have to do it there at the hottest time of day between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. Still, even if you do not take up the offer, it is a somewhat interesting experience to check out the cycling path between Benjakitti park and Lumpini Park.