Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit : The Grande Spa and Fitness Club


Possibly you can not find what you are looking for at the one major fitness center operator in Bangkok : Fitness First

Now Bangkok, for many years, has had rather good exercise facilities at its major hotels. But, first, you have to know about it. And second, using the facilities usually is a bit pricey.

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit houses the Grande Spa and Fitness Club


On a suggestion of a friend, we recently visited The Grande Spa and Fitness Club at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.
[health clubs by the same operator are present at Westin Hotel Sukhumvit, and Sheraton Royal Orchid on the Chao Phraya river]

First of all, the prices for the services are fully in view.

What does it cost? (may have changes since our last visit)
Full membership at 34,500 baht per year
Off Peak (9 A.M. till 5 P.M.) : 21,000 baht per year. Off Peak does not allow you use of the swimming pool.
There are also somewhat cheaper corporate rates.

What do you get?
Sheraton facilities. Service minded staff and exercise instructors. A relatively small gym that has : stationary bicycles, crosswalkers, treadmills, rowing machines. It should be pointed out that neither California Wow nor Fitness First have installed rowing machines in their exercise room. At Grande Spa and Fitness Club most aerobic exercise equipment has a private television screen (you get a headset to listen to it).
Weight training equipment. Admittedly this is a somewhat small section.
Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms.
Of course, the locker room and showers are spacious and look good.

There are also classes scheduled, including : aerobics, yoga, body balance, abdominals, stretching, Pilates (twice a month) . There are no extra fees for these classes.
At the larger gyms, you also have to tolerate rather loud disco or techno music, while exercising. It can be a real racket sometimes, but not here.
Having your own choice of music (and volume of it) or news on the TV in front of you, or music at lower volume while using the weigh equipment, makes for a much more comfortable environment (we are getting old, I guess). No need to be artificially 'pumped up' all the time.

What is most interesting is that you get to use the swimming pool at no extra costs either. The swimming pool area offers a really 'green' setting. The pool itself is not standard size, but there is section where you can do laps if you want to. Of course, it is an ideal area to cool down, have some fruit juice, and relax after your workout.

Paying the fees for the fitness center at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, also gives you free membership of The Sheraton Grande Club. This entitles you to a discount of approximately 25% at restaurants in the hotel. This discount will also be given to all if you come with family or friends. You can get the same discount at The Grande Spa. You will also get a voucher or two for free dining (2 persons), and two days free stay at the hotel.

Actually, this health club at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit (and also at the Westin hotel right on the other side of Sukhumvit Road) offers fairly priced exercise facilities in a pleasant environment, and with the added bonus that you get interesting discounts on hotel facilities, and use of the swimming pool.

There are many, many top hotel and resort facilities in Bangkok. Most of them have a well equipped gym, and we would think offer services in the same price range as Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit and Westin Grande Sukhumvit. It is worth checking them out and see what they have to offer before, and compare it to what you find at Fitness First or True Fitness.