10 Wishes - Sukhumvit Road offers some less palatable Aspects for Tourists to observe


Clean up Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road clearly is the area where nowadays most of the tourists are hanging out (except for backpackers, who prefer the Khao San area). During daytime hours, the footpath on one side of the road is almost completely occupied by street vendors. This is acceptable, after all some people need to make a living that way. What is most disturbing are not the pirated goods on display, but the pornography that is abundant and for sale about every fifty meters. This material just lies on little tables for all to see and order. Now this is not at night, and not behind glass in a specialized shop, but in the middle of the walkways, for families with small children to enjoy.


Secondly, what can be only described as pimps, accost virtually every male foreigner who passes the area between Ambassador entrance and soi 5, with brochures showing naked girls offering massage services. While it is certainly not to be commended to use these services for safety reasons alone, these pimps are a nuisance having to pass them every single day of the week. The best method of avoiding them, is to look straight through them (do not think like they will be offended, they most likely have elephant skins) and the material they display. If you just give a nod or say a word, they will walk with you bothering you for the next 50 meters.


Thirdly, just after the sun sets, groups of prostitutes (females and others of unclear sexuality) settle in the area between Nana Plaza (soi 4) and Foodland (inside soi 5). Lots of loitering and standing about in front of Nai Lert building. Other places where prostitutes gather are in front of Pacific Place and up to a while ago (most seem to have gone now) in front of Robinson Department Store and the Westin Hotel at soi 19. Now this is not just around midnight, but let's say from 7 PM onwards.
The three 'problems' mentioned above do reflect very badly on Thailand, since most visitors walking about Sukhumvit Road are 'regular' tourists, not sex tourists. Seeing this is much worse, than knowing that some areas around like Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy offer adult entertainment. All could easily be solved by a few law enforcers walking about the area, and asking for IDs from time to time.