10 Wishes - About Bananas

Update 2020 : Written many years ago, however, bananas in supermarkets are still a poor sight. Overal, best is to buy them at 7-Eleven or Family Mart. You can buy them one piece at a time there.

Do something about the bananas!

On a lighter note, we do use bananas to mix with our cereal for breakfast almost every day. Unfortunately, this means we have to go out and buy new bananas every day.

Each time we buy a little bunch of them, it turns out they spoil within the next 24 hours. So we kind of pay 20 baht a piece, which is rather expensive. Now, we do know it is hot here, and bananas in the fridge is somehow a no-no. But we remember very well that in our home country there is no problem whatsoever to keep the stuff for about a week or even longer. Is there any possibility to upgrade this fruit (we do not know Thailand to be a major exporter of bananas either, though the fruit seems to be abundant). Maybe bananas should be the fruit to genetically engineer in Thailand. Clearly there should be a way (there are quite a few varieties available) to have this fruit last longer for everybody to enjoy.
It makes you wonder : Do the supermarkets have this poor quality food around, just to say 'well, we have bananas', while at the same time nudging people to buy the more expensive imported fruits?


Now lately, the 7-Elevens in Bangkok, started selling single bananas at 8 baht a piece, with the 'Dole' brand no less. This is a marked improvement of the situation, and the price is actually lower than what you pay at the supermarkets.