Mural Temple Paintings - Life of the Buddha, the Jatakas


A battle scene. Often foreigners are depicted amongst the soldiers.


Mahanarada Kassapa Jataka
Mahanarada Kassapa Jataka is the story of a King who indulges himself in worldly pleasures. With the help of his morally conscious daughter (right on the painting) and the Boddhisatta Narada, the King is saved by his repentance. It depicts the virtue of Love and Kindliness, in having the power to convince people towards the Right Way of living.


A horse chase.
Probably a recent addition to the mural paintings at Wat Kongkaram.


Scene from the Vessantara Jataka. This seems to be a very popular Jataka in Thailand. It depicts the life of prince Vessantara who gives away all his possessions, including his children to become servants of an evil spirited character. In the end everything turns out right though. This Jataka displays the virtue of Charity. In the picture the prince and his wife take their children out of the palace to life in the forest.


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