Loha Prasat at Wat Ratchanaddaram, Bangkok

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Loha Prasat at Wat Ratchanaddaram

Loha Prasat at Wat Ratchanaddaram.


Wat Ratchanaddaram is located at the intersection of Ratchadamnoen Klang Road and Maha Chai Road in Bangkok. It can best be reached by taking the skytrain to either Ratchathewi or Phaya Thai station, and take a taxi from there.

Top of Loha Prasat, Bangkok

Top of Loha Prasat, Bangkok.


The temple buildings at present are being renovated. However, the rather unique Loha Prasat (or Metal Castle) at the temple compount is in pristine condition. Building was started in 1836, and the whole building was only completed not that long ago in 2002.

Loha Prasat is a multi-tiered structure some 36 meters high, and has 37 metal spires, that symbolize the 37 virtues that lead towards enlightenment. Loha Prasat has a unique architectural design, like nothing else you can see around Thailand.

Individual Metal Spire at Loha Prasat

Individual Metal Spire at Loha Prasat.


You can reach the upper floors and the Buddha relic enshrined at the top by a winding staircase in the precise center of the building. It is worthwhile to have a look from all the different floors. On the first floor there is a gallery of Buddha Images.

On the upper floors you can get close-up views of the identical metal spires, which are works of art by themselves. On the fourth floor there is an outside walkway from which you can observe the buildings below and get a good view of the Golden Mount, just a few hundred meters away. Just tap on them to confirm that they are indeed consisting of metal plates (from a short distance they actually have a wooden appearance).

As said, the Golden Mount is within walking distance, and you visit the Golden Mount and Loha Prasat in one afternoon or morning.

The Buddha relic at the top of Loha Prasat, Wat Ratchanaddaram, Bangkok

The Buddha relic at the top of Loha Prasat, Wat Ratchanaddaram, Bangkok.