Notification of Staying longer than 90 days ; 90-Days Reporting

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LATEST UPDATE : After being offline for a few months, the online application for 90-day notification of staying in Thailand, is back online. The best way to see if it is available is to click the orange large button a little below. It will bring you to the immigration website and the relevant page. To start the process you have to agree to the rules first (scroll down till end of framed file !) and will then be taken to the form to fill out.


Important Update (relevant provided the service is available again, see above) :

It has been announced, at least since April 2015 that it is possible to supply the Notification of Staying Longer than 90 Days by an online process. Initially it was only possible with good old Internet Explorer browser. However, while checking out the immigration website during the Covid-19 epidemic (to see if services are still open), we discovered anew the online process, and filled out an application form. APPLYING WAS A STRAIGHTFORWARD PROCESS. There seems to be no issues with browsers anymore.

There are a few steps to consider. While going in person, you can apply one week before and up to one week after the due date, with the online application you have to do it in the two weeks before and up to the due date (we also saw a notice somewhere you had to apply a least one week before it is due, so if you want to be on the safe side...). The process consists of filling out two forms. You will need your address, mobile number, passport data, flight number, TM6 number (on arrival card). NO NEED TO SCAN ANY DOCUMENTS, as might be necessary for other applications.

After the process we recommend you print out the reply you get only, or at least note down the long Transaction Reference Number (TRN), that can be used to track down the status of your application. You can check online immediately after applying, and see the 'pending' status. When the application is approved, you are advised to print out the notice you receive, and keep it with your passport (as with the slip you get when applying in person). It is also possible to check the status of your application with your passport number, and a few personal data (date of birts, and nationality).

We got a reply via email that our application had been approved (within 2 hours, but these were Corona times, when people possibly were not very busy). You can then go back to the website and find the link from which you can print the Receipt of Notification note, that includes also the date for your next application. You should keep it in your passport.

The IT department at Immigration has indeed done a great job with this application process. But they should keep track of their encryption certificates ! (see above)

When going to the Immigration Bureau website, just click on the icon (with numbers 1, 2, 3) saying Service. Then next page will show you a link for the application

You can use this link actually (click below, I copied the image from their website, I hope they do not mind). If maybe the link does not work in the future, it may simply have been changed, and you need to go to the Immigration Bureau website.

Application for 90 days notiification of address in Thailand

The way it looks, this is the way to go,instead of taking a half-day or in some cases a full-day trip to Chaengwattana Road. It looks like, what this service needs, is MARKETING. It will save many people a lot of time, and also the immigration officers will be able to work on the applications in their offices, without needing in most cases personal face contact with the applicants.


The info below may still be useful to read through, if you plan on going to Chaengwattana, as we did for many years before applying online.

If you are permitted to stay in Thailand with a long term visa (like a retirement visa), you still have to report to immigration every 90 days. Regulations can be just a bit confusing (and not intuitive) so we just want to highlight what you should be doing.

If you enter the country (through immigration) you can start counting the 90 days from that day. A 7 day window is allowed, when applying in person. You can report to immigration during the week prior and the week after the calculated day. Unfortunately, lately (it was not so until recently) your next 90 days will start to count from the day you visit immigration. Especially if you apply online like 10 days before your given date, you actually start applying every 80 days instead of every 90 days.

If you report to immigration, you will receive a slip indicating the next day when you are supposed to drop by.

Now, there is something quite confusing about this issue. If you go to immigration to RENEW or EXTEND your visa, this DOES NOT count as a visit necessary to report to immigration. Different section at immigration handle different things.

Example :
You report to immigration on 1 February. You will be given a note telling you to report back on (or around) 1 May.
In March you need to go to immigration to renew your one-year visa. Do not make the error of thinking the 90 days start counting from the day of this visit.
You still will have to go to immigration on 1 May.

Reporting otherwise is one of the more easily achieved procedures at Immigration. You simply need to fill out the necessary form (TM. 47). No copies of passport pages or passport pictures are necessary, if you report in person.

Waiting at Immigration

Waiting at Immigration on average takes between 90 and 120 minutes. This image does not show waiting room for Notification of Staying in Thailand for longer than 90 days, but another area.


There are penalties for not reporting or reporting late.
If you are ill or incapacitated, you can have a relative or friend do the reporting for you.