Nightlife Entertainment in Pattaya. A go-go bars.

 G Spot Pattaya
G-Spot is located in the heart of Walking Street between Soi 14 and Soi 15. It is a new go-go bar with a red and gold d├ęcor inspired by Iron Man and the original G-Spot that was in Nana Plaza Bangkok.

 Babydolls Pattaya
Babydolls A Go Go is located off Walking Street, South Pattaya. Pole dancers, soft shows to tantalize, and girls in Jacuzzi tub.

 Windmill A Go Go bar
Windmill a go go bar is located in Soi Diamond, off Walking Street. A-go-go dancing, shower shows, and live sporting events screened.

 Heaven Above Pattaya
Heaven Above Pattaya is a party club, off Walking Street. Located above Super Baby Agogo. Also accommodation and function room available.

 Tim Bar
Tim Bar contains outside Bar, high class a-go-go, lots of snooker tables, big screen TV with live sport events. Located Pattaya Second road.

 SugarBaby Pattaya A Go Go
SugerBaby A Go Go is run by Westerners, and located on Walking Street. Pole dancing, shower shows, sporting events on large TV screens.

 Alcatraz Pattaya Gogo Bar
Alcatraz GoGo bar is an a-go-go bar and nightclub, located in the heart of Walking Street, Pattaya. Different leitmotifs and separate floors. Pole dancers on the first floor, 'caged' dancing on the mezzanine floor, ultra-cool lounge bar on the top level.

 Kitten Club
Already more than 17 years Kitten Club is entertaining with ten of kittens' star girls. Jacuzzi, whirlpool and other shows. VIP memberships. Party club section, rentals for private parties available.
Pattaya-Adventures is a travel guide focusing on the party aspects of Thailand's premier nightlife resort. Full information regarding the girls, dating scene, nightlife hot spots and much more is provided.

 Barracuda Bar Pattaya
The Barracuda Bar is a British run bar and guesthouse. We have a well stocked bar with all your favorite drinks and music. Located Naklua Road, Pattaya.

 The Daokai Bar, Pattaya
You can find the Daokai beer bar between the Central Pattaya Road and the Made in Thailand Market. The Daokai bar is a nice and great place to relax and have a drink with your friends, girlfriend or with one of the charming Daokai Thai girls.

 Hottie's Coyote Club, Pattaya
Hottie's Coyote Club is a great entertainment venue, with more then 50 sexy dancing coyote Thai girls. Hottie's Club is located at Pattaya Second Road, opposite Mike Shopping Mall. offers reviews of most bars in Pattaya. Also reviews as noticed on other websites or forums are present. Comprehensive info regarding prices for drinks, bar fines etc.

 Pattaya Secrets
Pattaya Secrets is the newest and best resource for your information about the nightlife and activities in Pattaya City, Thailand. In our ever popular forum you will find first hand experiences of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs in Pattaya.

 Living Dolls Showcase
Living Dolls Showcase GoGo and club in Pattaya takes its moniker - The Ultimate GoGo - seriously. Live shows every night. Located on the world famous Pattaya Walking Street, look out for the bold blue neon Living Dolls Showcase GoGo. You'll be sure not to miss the gorgeous girls outside ready to welcome you in.

 Misty's A GoGo, Pattaya
Thailand's sexiest ladies in Asia's most famous beach resort. Website of a go go bar in Pattaya.

 Club Electric Blue, Pattaya
Complemented by the waterside Simply Blues Cafe which serves burgers, Tex Mex, breakfasts and salads, CLB is the leading gogo in Walking Street with four dance areas, three levels and a glass floor.

 Tiffany's Show, Pattaya
Tiffany's Show is nowadays considered as the biggest TransvestiteCabaret Show in South East Asia, with its 1,000 seats capacity and 3 shows daily.(Pattaya)

 Spicy Girls
A Go Go bar. Site has pictures of the girls working at the bar.

 Classroom One
Looking for a Thai girl in Pattaya? Choose a beautiful young Thai bar girl (or girls!) from one of The Classroom's 100-plus gorgeous staff. There is a Thai girl longing to meet you in our world famous Pattaya gogo bar. We are situated in Soi Pattayaland 2, South Pattaya, Thailand, right in the heart of the city's bars and legendary nightlife; and if you can't find a young Thai girl here then you don't really want one!