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About us, aims to continually improve and update its database of English-language websites about Thailand. New websites are added on a daily basis, and new categories developed as necessary. Our web directory currently lists more than 6,000 websites in 130 subcategories. All are reviewed by our editors.
We also offer an effective search engine function, which can be accessed at the top of most pages.
Nowadays, our editors spend as much time on writing articles related to Thailand, as on further development of our web directory. Our articles contain information about health and hospitals, Thai culture and society, religion. More mundane topics relate to shopping centers, movie theaters, tourist attractions, often with many pictures and video impressions.

We hope we are a one-stop website, where you can search for Thailand related websites and find useful information, including articles, about Thailand. The obvious interests of a lot of visitors are : general information, business opportunities, travel and tourism information, and entertainment venues. But we also hope to provide access to less visited websites about Thai art, culture, history and religion.

We evaluate every website that is submitted to our directory, before adding it. Submit your Website , and we will judge whether your site is eligible. Only websites in English language (or bilingual) about Thailand are considered. Admission ot our directoriy is free, without an obligation for your site to link back to us.

Link to us :
You can check out our various banners and logos. If you use one of them, or provide a text link to our site, please let us know. If you place links or banners in a well visible way, we will take this into account when upgrading your listing.
Websites that link to will be listed higher or on top in their category.

Conditions :

- Contact us AFTER you have placed the link to us on your site and tell us the exact location of the link.
- Please do not play the 'links-game', promising to post a link and never doing it, or using other rather disingenuous methods, like removing a link after initially posting it. If you do so we may remove your site altogether from our database, since we have better things to do then playing this game. Do not use the 'nofollow' attribute, we do not either.
- Never send us an e-mail with statements like : You know how important it is to have a high ranking in Google and other search engines. Therefore... We know how Google works better than most, and the most important rule is : Build your website so that it is useful for visitors and they find what they are looking for. Content is much more relevant than any ranking logarithm and we are somewhat allergic to people trying to play the ranking game.

URL to link to :
(likewise you can prefer to link to one of our subdirectories, individual webpages or our articles)
Description : Web resources for Thailand. Articles, reports and reviews.

Our other websites :
Information, images and videos about Flanders, Belgium.
Covers Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Mechelen.
Information, images and videos about the city of Leuven (Louvain) in Flanders, Belgium
Extensive image gallery of Buddha Images in Thailand, with explanation of the gestures and postures of the Buddha. Illustrated narratives of the previous lifes of the Buddha (Jataka Stories) - Gives geographical, cultural, historical and travel related information for Bangkok and the 76 provinces of Thailand. Images of both the most visited and less travelled cities and destinations in Thailand. Your will find many pictures here of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Suhothai, Ayutthaya, Phimai, Phanomrung, and the provinces around Bangkok. Vientiane and Luang Prabang Private collection of Sukhothai antiques - This site has nothing to do about Thailand. It is all about Belgian Endives, and actually is in Dutch language.

Some pages on offer thumbshots of the websites listed. Whether or not a site is featured with a thumbshot depends on whether it is listed with the directory or not.

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