True Fitness at Exchange Tower, Asoke-Sukhumvit Intersection

Update : True Fitness has stopped operating dd. 8 June 2017, with quite a few of its members left without anywhere to go, despite having paid membership fees in advance.

So, what follows below has become irrelevant.


True Fitness is located at the Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection. It is actually just opposite one of the (prior) branches of California Fitness, located at Jasmine City, at the entrance to Sukhumvit Soi 23. The company has no relation with True, the mobile phone and broadband provider.

True Fitness occupies the first few floors of the Exchange Tower building. This building was about finished when the 1997 financial crisis erupted, but never opened. That is, until a few years ago. The location of the fitness center is certainly not optimal, but became more accessible after a walkway was constructed from the BTS skytrain station.

True Fitness comprises a few floors. It is a 'mega' fitness center, and there are hundreds of units of exercise equipment. Two separate aerobic rooms, group cycling room (looked quite crowded with bicycles), free weights room, lots of 'cardiovascular' exercise equipment such as stationary bicycles, threadmills, cross trainers etc.
We revisited in June 2012, and can state that this branch of True Fitness, is the largest indoor exercise gym facility in Thailand.

True Fitness, located at Exchange Tower, the Sukhumvit Road-Asoke Road Intersection.


There are two yoga rooms. One is for 'regular' yoga, one for heat-assisted yoga. There are lots of yoga classes scheduled all day.
True Fitness has a sitting area close to the busy entrance. There is no provision for free coffee, newspapers or magazines to read, as is the case at Fitness First branches.

The showers are in separate cubicles, with glass walls and doors. However, there seems to be no place inside for hanging towels or clothes. So, there needs to be some parading in the nude, and observing other customers likewise, something we find a bit offputting and not exactly 'Thai'.

What are the costs involved?

First of all, True Fitness also uses the 'free-floating' or 'discount upon discount' pricing system, where no rates are published or publicly displayed. The rates below where obtained about 2 years ago. It can be very offputting to find out later that you paid much more than your friends! So try to get a good deal.

After visiting the premises, a 'negotiator' (likely experienced) will start off displaying a sheet with prices : 8,000 baht joining fee, 1,799 baht processing fee, and a monthly fee of 2,899 baht. Don't despair seeing these numbers. There are at least four discount steps coming up. These rates are all inclusive, that is they also include yoga and pilates.

If you join the same day, the above rates go down to 4,000 baht, 800 baht, and 2,399 baht respectively. If you just shrug your shoulders at this, we got a proposal doing away with the joining fee and processing fee altogether, and with a monthly fee of 2,099 baht. (the staff member mentioned there was this 'special discount' from monday till wednesday the week we visited)

Now is the time to mention how much less you pay at your present gym (or make it up). We got the following further proposals :

42,888 baht for a 37-month member subscription period (1,159 baht per month).
35,888 baht for a 37-month member subscription perod, that does not include yoga (but can include pilates sessions), which is 997 baht per month.

This is what we got. We just need to point out that the rates quoted may be different from what another visitor may get, but at least you get an idea of how it goes. By the way, there are no lockers for rent (except very small ones, that will just have space for a pair of sneakers).

You have to compare these rates with the rates at Fitness First . In our opinion, Fitness First is a bit more upmarket in appearance and facilities (sitting area, free coffee, better locker room etc.), while exercise equipment available is quite similar. Therefore, you should pay less at True Fitness than at a Fitness First branch.

True Fitness opened another branch at Zen (CentralWorld) and in Nonthaburi.

Business information :
The founder of True Fitness is Patrick Wee. Patrick Wee previously worked as a partner at California Fitness. He was also involved in the creation of Planet Yoga (now part of California Wow). Patrick Wee also opened the well reputed True Yoga center in Singapore. True Fitness is a Malaysian owned company. A few more True Fitness center are reportedly planned for Bangkok.