Tourists Welcome again (with Conditions)

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Update 31 October : Everyone wanting to entry into Thailand, should get a so-called Thailand Pass. You will be able to register for one at the Department of Consular Affairs from 1 November 2021.

Under certain conditions, foreign tourists are welcome again into Thailand. They have been since a few months already under some very complicated schemes, which by all accounts did not attract a lot of volunteers.

Now the page has turned. While there are still quite a few local infections (still around 10,000 a day, when we started writing this), and quite a few countries, that are now under the 46 'chosen ones' still in so-called 'red zones' or with increasing or still elevated Covid-19 infection numbers, the country (its government actually) has decided to open up a bit. This is happening all around the world. With the same number of infections as at present, countries went into lockdown, now they open for business. The main difference is that a substantial number of people have been vaccinated.

We find the conditions as worded by the Department of Consular Affairs still a bit confusing. 'Volunteers' to visit Thailand are divided into 3 main categories. This first category consists of 46 countries, which we show here (privided Department of Consular Affairs):

Update 30 October : The following countries have also been added to the list : India, Taiwan, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Croatia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Romania, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Luxembourg.

Countries whose citizens can visit Thailand when fully vaccinated

Conditions for the foreigners coming from these countries apply. They must have stayed in their country of departure for at least 3 weeks (no cheating by transiting). They must fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks and have had a RT-PCR Covid-19 test within 72 hours of travelling. They do not need to undergo quarantine, but will have to wait for 1 night (? is this quarantine or not) for the results of a RT-PCR test on arrival in Thailand by air only. Medical insurance covering Covid-19 of at least 50,000 U.S. Dollar is required.

The second category follow the so-called Sandbox Programme, which was initiated already a few months ago, with little appeal to foreigners. All visitors that are fully vaccinated, and coming from countries other than the ones mentioned above, can participate. They will also need a RT-PCR Covid-19 test before traveling by plane to Thailand, and will need to undergo two additional tests after arriving in Thailand. The main difference is that they have to stay for 7 days in the so-called Sandbox Area, before being allowed to travel to different locations in Thailand. Phuket has been a Sandbox destination for the last few months, and other provinces have volunteered for this scheme. Medical insurance required.

Then we have the third category, which includes travelers who have not been vaccinated. This means actually that everyone who wishes can travel to Thailand under certain conditions. Visitors in this group will have to quarantine in a so-called AQ hotel for 10 days (they must pay for it, and payment confirmation is required). They also need to provide a negative RT-PCR test before departing, and two RT-PCR Covid-19 Test after arriving in Thailand. We understand that after the quarantine, they can travel to different locations. Medical insurance required.

The data are summarized below.

Three different groups of foreign travelers to Thailand, during Covid-19

No doubt, there will be changes in the coming weeks or months, depending both on the local and international situation. Hopefully, we can keep track of it all.