Main Financial Institutions and Organizations in Thailand

 TFEX - Thailand Futures Exchange
The TFEX has been established to be act as an exchange for the trading of derivatives which offer products for effective hedging. Equities and other securities indices. Debts instruments and interest rates. Non-agricultural commodities and other financial indices (e.g., gold, crude oil and foreign currencies).
 Association of Securities Companies (Thailand)
The objectives of the Association of Securities Companies (ASCO) are : Development and promotion of the Thailand's capital and securities market, to protect and safeguard member companies, improvement of the standard of business operations, cooperation with regulatory agencies in drafting rules and regulations to develop the infrastructure of the Thai capital market.
 Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC)
At present, AIMC members are asset management companies in three business groups comprising mutual fund business, private fund business, and provident fund business. As of 2008, AIMC has 29 member companies, involving 62 licenses under the three business groups. Co. Ltd., established by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), has operated since 2000 to provide Internet Trading platforms and leverage investment technology for brokerage houses in order to accommodate retail investors with increasing trading channels.
 Stock Exchange of Thailand
THe official website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. You can get info about individual stocks (main shareholders, profits, revenues, dividends, latest news etc.)
 Thai Bond Market Association
The Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) is a securities business related association under the Securities and Exchange Commission Act B.E. 2535. Its main purposes are to be a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for a fair and efficient operation of the bond market and to be an information center for the Thai bond market.