Medical Check-Ups in Bangkok's Hospitals

Overall, medical services have become more expensive in Bangkok over the last decade. However, medical check-up packages, offered by most internationally oriented hospitals, have not followed that trend. These check-ups, of course, introduce potential costumers (get them into the system), to a particular hospital's services. Furthermore, check-ups may indeed find some 'anomalies' and lead to further medical investigations.

We noticed that prices of most packages have not risen a lot over the 2009-2014 period, but have increased thereafter, as sometimes mentioned below.

Hospitals : Bumrungrad Hospital | Bangkok General | Bangkok Christian Hospital

1) We name as BASIC a combination of the following tests, usually offered by most hospitals as a start package. Included in BASIC are : physical exam,CBD, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL- and LDL-cholesterol), initial liver functions (ALT, AST, sometimes with alkaline phosphatase), kidney function (creatinine, sometimes including uric acid), urine exam, chest X-ray, EKG (electrocardiogram), medical report, meal voucher.

2) We got tired of the different discounts, that are always on offer. In this respect, hospitals in Thailand, operate like the department stores around Bangkok, with discounts all year round. This is a proven psychological gimmick, to give the impression to consumers, that they get a good deal. We will list the non-discounted prices below. They act as a general guideline. You can bargain for better prices.

3) Standard tumor markers are : CEA (for screening gastrointestinal cancer), AFP (for screening certain types of liver cancer), PSA (for screening prostate cancer, only for males).

See also :
1) Table comparison of prices at various hospitals. May be a bit more interesting than the running text on this page.
2) Current health screening recommendations, according to U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and other reputed organizations.

Bumrungrad Hospital
Bumrungrad certainly is the best known (and best marketed) internationally oriented hospital in Bangkok.

The Bumrungrad International Clinic

After a lack of updated information for a few years, Bumrungrad again lists a wide range of general health screening programs. (this page with a comparison of prices between different packages, is a bit hidden).

Package samples :

Regular : BASIC, but also with stool exam for occult blood (a positive!), and without EKG (electrocardiogram). Also included Pap Smear and Pelvic exam for females. Priced at 6,160 Thai Baht for males, and 7,410 Thai Baht for females.

Comprehensive : Test as in Regular above. In addition : HbA1C, BUN, more liver function tests, hepatitis B and hepatitis C screening, standard tumor markers, EKG, Exercise Stress Test for males, ultrasound whole abdomen, digital mammogram with ultrasound breast (for females older than 40). Prices at 24,760 Thai baht for males, and 28,070 Thai bath for females.

As a positive development, Bumrungrad Hospital does not lists additional discounts. More elaborate packages than listed above are availabe. It is also possible to screen for micronutrients, and hormone levels.

Bangkok General Hospital
Bangkok General is another hospital catering to international patients. Hospitals affiliated with Bangkok General are BNH Hospital and Samitivej Hospital. Bangkok General is tucked away somewhere along Petchburi Road, and a bit more difficult to get to for most people.

Here a selection of available packages :

Vital Wellness Check-up : BASIC, but WITH HbA1C (for longer term blood glucose evaluation), which makes it a good deal at the price of 4,200 Thai baht.

Executive Wellness Check-up : BASIC, more kidney and liver function tests, TSH (thyroid function), standard tumor markers, digital mammogram with ultrasound breast for females, Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI), ultrasound Whole Abdomen, Eye Screening by Ophtalmologist. Price 11,600 Thai baht for males, 17,300 Thai baht for females. You can elect to have an additional Exercise Stress Test (EST), which will bring prices up to 15,200 and 20,900 Baht respectively.

At present you can find a table describing and pricing different health screening packages at Bangkok General Hospital here : - Bangkok General Website

BNH Hospital, Convent Road (off Sathorn Road)
Part of the Bangkok General Group, BNH Hospital (formerly known as Bangkok Nursing Home) also offers comprehensive check-up programs. The hospital is smaller, and not as fancy as the two hospitals mentioned above, and is more easily 'navigated', once inside. However, this should not be considered a 'cheaper' hospital.

BNH Hospital is part of the Bangkok General Hospital Group and is located on Convent Road (connecting road between Silom Road and Sathorn Road, Bangkok)

After having no updates regarding check-up packages for a few years, BNH Hospital now has about 15 different health screening packages, both general and specialized. However, they have done away with anything cheap(ish). Prices start at 17,210 Thai baht (for 'young' people ; discounted to 12,900 Thai baht) and go up to 124,125 (discount 99,000) Thai baht, for a collection of cancer screening tests. So there is nothing available for the budget minded persons with some health concerns. We will leave our opinion at that.

Bangkok Christian Hospital (on Silom Road)

Unfortunately (end 2020) Bangkok Christian Hospital does not offer an English language version of its website. A few years ago, the hospital has set up a separate facility on the second floor of its new building (called Welles building) which is located behind older entrance building.
Our personal experience is, that Bangkok Christian Hospital offers reliable examinations at much lower prices than the other hospitals listed. So if you can forgo luxury (and do not associate it with quality), this hospital is worth checking out. Compared to other hospitals mentioned here, it is also easier to reach, in the middle of Silom Road.

Packages and prices listed in 2020

Health 1 Program : BASIC, but without Electrocardiogram, at 2,700 Thai Baht.

Health 2 Program : BASIC, with also Uric Acid, at 3,300 Thai Baht.

Health 3 Program : As Health 2, and, an Ultrasound of Upper or Lower Abdomen.

Health 4 Program (for males) : As Health 2, and : additional Liver tests (albumin, bilirubin, globulin), stool exam, cancer screening tests (CEA, AFP, PSA), Hemoglobin A1c (diabetes control, blood sugar control), ultrasound whole abdomen, at 8,700 Thai bath.

Health 5 Program (for females) : As Health 4, without PSA test, but with pelvic exam, pap test, breast exam by obstetrician, at 9,100 Thai baht.

While these packages are interesting, and are good value, it is important to point out, that cardiac test like exercise test, or cardiac echocardiogram, are not mentioned here, but likely can be requested separately.

We discovered a heart check-up program, at 9,500 Thai Baht (discounted from 11,390 Thai baht), which includes BASIC and : exam by cardiologist (instead of general internal medicine or general physician), Uric Acid blood test, TSH blood test (for thyroid function), Exercise Stress Test AND Echocardiogram.

All the above program, should at least be valid till the end of 2020, according to what is stated on the website.

Bangkok Christian Hospital - (a new web address for Bangkok Christian Hospital)

Now, and this is interesting, Bangkok Christian Hospital also offers Lady Check-up Programs, that do away with all the blood test mentioned above, and almost solely concentrate on pelvic and breast exams.

All 4 programs include physical exams by an obstetrician. Program 1 includes also Liquid Base Pap Test and Bone Density-Lumbar measurement. Program 2 also includes an Ultrasound of the breasts. Program 3, includes both Ultrasound of the Breasts as well as a Digital Mammography. Lady4 Program in addition includes an ultrasound of the lower abdomen.

Prices are 3,800 ; 5,300 ; 6,300 ; 8,080 Thai Baht respectively.

Be aware, that other hospitals in Bangkok also offer check-up programs. The programs however are not always well specified or priced when visiting their websites.

By the way, if you are interested in CT of the heart (coronary arteries), surely you can also request this exam at Bumrungrad Hospital or Bangkok General Hospital.

Note : According to the American Cancer Society, screening is recommended for colorectal cancer in men and women older than 50. This include, besides a test for occult blood in the stools, a rather invasive and also expensive colonoscopy every ten years. This major is not included in any of the 'screening tests' in the Bangkok hospitals mentioned above.