GMM Fitness, located at GMM Grammy Place, Asoke Montri Road


GMM Grammy Group is a market leader in the Thai music business. It offers a variety of quality music such as mainstream, pop, rock, alternative music, Thai country (Luk Thung) etc., now all conveniently available in digital formats. The offices of GMM Grammy Group are located at GMM Grammy Place, one of the more imposing buildings on Asoke Road (recently renamed to Asoke Montri Road).

In our search for fitness clubs we accidently stumbled upon GMM Fitness Club, which is located on the AA floor (actually the 13th floor) of GMM Grammy Place. The fitness club opened at the beginning of 2006. We have been a member there since 2008.

GMM Fitness Club is located at GMM Grammy Place, one of the more imposing buildings on Asoke Montri Road.


While the exercise facilities occupy most of the floor, the size of GMM Fitness Club is only moderately large when compared to Fitness First or True Fitness.
There is a general exercise area which includes stationary bicycles, treadmills and elliptical cross trainers. We estimate a total of about 20 units. The number of exercise bikes seems to be rather limited. There is ample supply of strength training equipment.
There are two additional smaller rooms. One room is used of aerobic classes and yoga/pilated classes. Classes do not really seem to be available during the daytime, and are mostly conducted between 6.30 PM and 9.30 PM. There is also a GMM Spinning Room, but very few classes are organized.
The changing room is spot clean, the showers are spacious and separate (no water from other people streaming over your feet, as in some of the 'made for the masses' fitness clubs in Bangkok). There is a steam room and a sauna. At the same location, there is also massage service, but this is operated by a separate entity, so this is not included in the membership fees.

You can use all the services mentioned above when becoming a member. There are no separate fees for yoga or pilates. The exercise environment does not suffer from techno-disco noise. Most aerobic exercise equipment is equipped with an individual TV screen with about a 100 channels to choose from.

Membership fees are lower than at most other exercise clubs, but you should be prepared to bargain a bit. Prices are also lower if you come to the gym at off-peak times (like in the morning till early afternoon). Lately we pay about 14,000 baht for 1 year (and 2 months extra), but this includes a discount, which appears to be given after the first year, and only is for off-peak hours. If you want to use the facilities at all times available, it will be a few thousand baht more. You can rent a spacious locker if necessary for 3,000 baht a year.
When choosing a fitness club, location is a very important consideration. A club may have it all, but if you need to drive your car through the traffic, use public transport, or need to walk a long time to get there, your initial enthusiasm will not last.

Considering the facilities and pricing, GMM Fitness is a a first choice if you live in the vicinity.
Its disadvantages : no classes during the daytime, possibly its location.
Advantages : Not crowded ; clean environment ; not noisy ; (pricing). Prices for new members are quite competitive, and when you extend your membership later on, it looks like you can get further discounts..

GMM Fitness is valuable alternative to True Fitness or Fitness First (located on closeby Sukhumvit Road).