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Where to go for reasonably priced regular and travel vaccinations (and boosters) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Vaccinations in Bangkok, Thailand

These are just some short comments on where to get vaccinations for various diseases while in Bangkok as a a resident or visitor (though we think if you need any vaccinations for your travel, you should probably get them in advance in your home country).

Doubtless, all hospitals can provide most vaccinations, but sometimes at a price, and sometimes with some hassle.
We recently decided to get a 'tetanus' shot, since we did not have a booster in more than 15 years, and each time we had some minor trauma, it got us worrying a bit. We went to BNH Hospital, and while it was somewhat late in the afternoon, we were directed to the emergency room. We were directed to a cubicle, and a nurse gave us the shot (painful at the site for a day or so), and a junior doctor came to say hello.
Since the fee was added to some other fees for services the same day, we do not actually know how much we paid for it all, but looking at the total bill for that day, it was possibly close or around 1000 baht.

Therefore we checked afterwards if there would not actually be a better place for this type of service.
We found two possible candidates :

1. The Thai Travel Clinic is part of Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Mahidol University. Prices for different vaccinations are listed. Most are not expensive, and there is only a charge of 200 baht for required available counseling with a qualified physician. Since this is part of a hospital for tropical diseases, there is a 24 hours a day emergency service for malaria screening. Mahidol University is locatad at Ratchawithi Road, and should be within walking distance of the Ratchathewi skytrain (BTS) station. You can ask a question or make an appointment through a contact form on the website.
Do a simple search 'Mahidol University Bangkok' with Google Maps to see the location.

2. The Thai Red Cross Society is located on the grounds of Chulalongkorn University. Maybe the navigation on the site is a bit unclear, but we found this page where the prices for various vaccinations are listed. You can get advice on travel in Thailand and a book (or booklet) called The Thai Red Cross Society's Guide to Healthy Living in Thailand, is on sale. The prices for the vaccinations are cheap (certainly only a fraction of the costs in Europe or the U.S.). Physician fees are not quoted, but doubtless they will be reasonable. You can make good use of your time and stroll through the wide open spaces around Chulalongkorn Hospital and University.
The Thai Red Cross Society can be reached best from the Silom or Sam Yan stations of the subway (MRT).
Do a simple search 'The Thai Red Cross Society' with Google Maps to see the location.

Chulalongkorn University
Chulongkorn University has some wide open spaces. The building in the background is part of the Faculty of Architecture.



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