English-Thai and Thai-English Translation Services. Dictionaries

 Thai-German Translation
We offer Thai-German and German-Thai translation services by a translator certified by German law courts. Located Germany.

Devoted exclusively to Thai to English and English to Thai translations, Thaitranslated's joint native English and Thai speaking teams provide professional translation services to clients throughout the world.

 Thai-English-German Translations
As a court certified translator of the English and the Thai language, I am glad to offer you certified translations in the following combinations : English-German, German-English, Thai-German and German-Thai. I am also very happy to provide you with non-certified translations, for instance of business correspondence, contracts, web pages, academic articles etc.

 EQHO Communications Ltd.
Based in Bangkok, we provide translation of documents, audio, graphics, video, etc. into over 40 languages in total. Our website explains many aspects of the translation and localization process and gives you an overview of our translation processes. Office North Sathorn Road.

 Thai Translate For You
Offering cheap Thai to English and Thai to English translations of personal correspondence via e–mail or post. We also offer free marriage advice on the web site and via e–mail.

 Qualigenz Translation Services
Qualigenz services is one of the best suppliers of Thai language related services for businesses. Our linguistic team members are chosen based on their expertise to offer professional translation for business.

 Trevi Multimedia Group
Trevi Multimedia Group is a Bangkok-based provider of high-quality copywriting, e-Learning, multimedia, web design and translation services, available for both English and Thai languages.

With an office in Bangkok, Andovar provides professional translation, localization and multilingual audio recording services in all commercial languages.

 Isaan Translations
Located in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Isaan Translations translates certificates, private letters, emails and business correspondence. Academic transcripts and diplomas, websites, legal texts, financial documents, reports etc. Translations of many European and Asian languages.

 Andrei Sedliarou Russian & Thai Translation Services
Translation and interpreting services, voice-over, software localization, and desktop publishing by Andrei Sedliarou, certified Russian, Belarusian, Thai, English translator and interpreter, voice-over talent, and desktop publisher in Bangkok, Thailand.

We provide professional Thai translation services for English to Thai and Thai to English projects. Personal and business correspondence; birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates; household registrations; paperwork for VISA applications and US immigrations; certified translations. We also specialize in website translations, and content writing in both Thai and English.

 CyberDict Technology Ltd.
Cyberdict Technology combines real printed dictionaries, advance PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), multi-media video learning technology and other personal productivity tools into electronic talking dictionary products in Thailand. Note : info about different dictionaries can be accessed through 'SiteMap' link.

 TIS Translation
Translations, interpretations, voice-overs, and DTP service in Thai, English and other languages. Based in Bangkok, Thailand.

 The German Translation Office
Reliable and experienced translation office to translate your documents into the German, English or Thai language.

 Thai Chit Chat
Inexpensive, accurate and fast translation of Thai to English and English to Thai emails. Translations are performed by native language, university educated translators. The Thai Chit Chat website is easy to use and accepts major credit cards.

 English - Thai Dictionary Online
English-Thai and Thai-English online dictionary. Seems to work well for individual words but not for phrases (ed.)

 Thai/German Translation Office
Thai/German Translation Office Sebastian Kiesow and Prarop Phayaksri. Certified translation from German to Thai and from Thai to German by sworn translator. Acknowledged by the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies in Thailand. Accurate and comprehensive information on marriages between Thais and Germans in Thai and German. Office located South Sathorn Road. Website in German language.[Deutsche Sprache]

Our company is based in Thailand . We specialize in translation to and from Thai. We have professional translators who specialize in almost any subject of translation. We currently work with most Asian languages as well as major European languages.

 Kats Kasamon, Thai-English Interpreter
Kats Kasamon Pilantanadilok is an English-Thai interpreter and business assistant for English speakers who want to hire an assistant with short term contracts.

 International Translations Offices
Operational since many decades, International Translations Offices, provides translation and interpretation services for many languages including Thai, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Also translations of websites and legal documents.

 SMS Thailand
SMS Thailand offers English to Thai messaging translations. You send SMS in English and we translate your message into Thai language and in a matter of seconds, the receiver will have the Translated SMS on their cell phones.

Our product lines include talking dictionaries, graphic and graphing calculators and scientific measurements, hand held calculators, mathematics models, scientific software.

 Siam Translations
With experience of 20 years in the translation business, Siam Translations has language specialists educated in various fields. We can provide from website translations to medical and technical content.

 KingTranslations Service
We provide translation services for Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and Italian languages. We have experienced translation specialists for fields such as engineering, information technology, and law.

 Thailand Translator
Thailand-translator.com uses the translator processor from SMS Thailand. Specialized in providing email translations.

 Perfect Vision Multimedia Co. Ltd.
Perfect Vision Multimedia produces visual dictionaries on CD-rom and USB flash drives.

Thai-English-Thai translation software for Windows, Pocket PC and Palm : talking dictionaries, travel translators and flashcards software. Free trial download available.

Offers translation services Thai to English language, and English to Thai language. Also many other translation on offer : Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Arab etc. The quoted rates for English–Thai and Thai–English are quite reasonable (ed.)

Thai English translation service including government, corporate and personal correspondence, letters, documents, manuals, legal agreements and websites.