Value-Added Steel Products and Component for Industrial Use

 Soonthorn Metal Industries Co. Ltd.
Soonthorn Metal Industries is a manufacturer of a wide range of metal food cans.

 Standard Can Co. Ltd.
Standard Can produces food and beverage cans in addition to paint containers and rectangular pails.

 Siam Fittings Co. Ltd.
Siam Fittings produces malleable iron pipe fittings and bronze pipe fittings.

 Siam Hi-Tech Steel Center Co. Ltd.
Siam Hi-Tech Steel Center : Steel Coil Center for shearing and slitting into sheets and coils for automobile industry and electrical appliances.

 World Steel Pallet Co. Ltd.
World Steel Pallet manufactures standard pallets, cubs, double deck pallets, window pallets, standard and light wings. All from galvanized steel.

 Bangkok Metal Fabrication Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Metal Fabrication fabricates sheet metal. Customized parts and equipment manufacturing by cutting, folding, bending, welding, perforating, shaping, assembling, and coloring sheet metal. Tailored made products by metal for the the construction industry etc.

 Kinzi (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Kinzi specializes in the engineering and production of stainless steel components for glass facade industry. Engineering includes : system analysis, performance tests, structural and component design. Production includes Stainless cable assembly from diameter 4mm to 36mm. Facade components fabrication such as spiders, spreaders, tensioners, spring packs, turnbuckles, DL rods and rotules.

 Padaeng Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Padaeng Industry is structured around three businesses : PDI Energy – provides energy from renewable sources (solar farms) ; PDI Materials – provides added value materials from recycled metals ; and PDI Eco – provides waste management solutions for complex industrial waste.

 Applied Metal Precision Technology Co. Ltd. (AMPT)
AMPT produces precision pipes, tubes, guide rolls, roller rings, composite rolls, slit rolls, pinch rolls, straightening rolls, form rolls, shear blades, products that require wear, heat, acid, oxidation, alkalis, or corrosive resistant properties. For steel mill industry, custom-order products for car, chemical, petroleum and textile industries.

 Siambrator Co. Ltd.
Siambrator is a producer and exporter of steel shot, steel grit, zinc shot and shot peening. Steel abrasives for surface treatments and granite cutting.

 Steel Case Manufacturing (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
SCMT designs, engineers and manufactures steel case system for overseas transport of products that are sensitive to humidity and shock, such as auto parts and precision electronics parts. Returnable cases, one-way cases, assemblies of steel cases, steel palettes.

 Siam Refractory Industry Co. Ltd.
Siam Refractory Industry is part of the Siam Cement Group. Siam Refractory is the largest refractory manufacturer in South East Asia. For the cement, glass and steel industries.

 Bankin Kosaku Co. Ltd.
Bankin Kosaku produces metallic components for appliances like : microwave ovens, facsimiles, air conditioning units, refrigerators and vacuum parts.

 Saeng Thai Metal Drum Co. Ltd.
Saeng Thai Metal Drum : plain tight head metal drums, tight head with lining metal drums, open head metal drums. Suitable for lubricants, grease, chemicals, paints, rubber latex, lacquers, bitumen, food, etc.

 ThaiBenkan Co. Ltd.
Thai Benkan is a manufacturer of steel butt weld fittings. Carbon steel and stainless steel butt-welding fittings.

 TexFocus Co. Ltd.
TexFocus a precision stamping company. Specializes in thin material stamped parts : shield covers, stiffeners, plate pads jaw locks, ring washers, contact terminals.

 Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Precision Manufacturing produces from small instruments such as medical equipment, to heavy parts like aerospace and complex automotive parts.

 Ua Withya Plc
Ua Withya manufactures transmission line steel towers, substation steel structures and hot-dipped galvanizing services.

 Siam Steel Group
The group of 28 companies manufacturing steel furniture, industrial goods, containers, construction materials, pre-fabricated buildings, vehicles, automobile parts; developing industrial estates.

 Patterer Technical Parts Co. Ltd.
Patterer Technical Parts produces metal precision parts for for the electronics and automotive industries.

 SMK Fitting Industry Co. Ltd.
SMK Fitting manufactures brass fitting for furniture, waterworks, air conditioning units, sanitaryware, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, agricultural equipment.

 M.C.S. Steel Public Co. Ltd.
Established in 1992, M.C.S. has more then 10 years of successful experiences in fabrication of high-rise steel structure building, power plant, bridge & general steel works. With the most advanced manufacturing equipment, high standards and punctuality, we are now able to provide and export steel structure works for various projects worldwide.