Stationery Products. Writing Utensils, Pens, Pencils

 U.M. Thai Saa (Mulberry) Paper Products, Chiangmai
We are a quality manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of saa (mulberry) paper products. High-grade raw materials are used with the finest craftsmanship and strict quality controls on every item.

 M.A.H. Printing Co. Ltd.
Our products range from : Autograph , brief cases, clip files, coin albums, drawing books, gift bags, letter pads, letter sets, memo boxes, name card holders, note books, note pads, photo albums, stamp albums.

 HQ Papermaker, Chiangmai
HQ PaperMaker,manufacturer of handmade and milled paper, mulberry, saa paper.

 Pentel Co. Ltd.
Pentel Thailand : fashionable writing instruments, automatic pencils, refill leads, sign pens, erasers, correction tape, markers and highlighters, correction pens, art material, roll gel pens and ball point pens. Also upmarket pens.

 Live Out Load - Lifestyle Stationery
Live Out Loud has locations at upmarket department stores. Diaries, pen sets, briefcases, travel planners, book marks, pencil cases, collecting paper, notepads, smart phone pouches, card holders, pencil boxes, rubber stamps, masking tape, stickers, albums etc. Also colorful pockets and bags.

 Grey Ray Stationery
Grey Ray is a Thai stationary design company. Pencil caps and pencil casings, sketch books.

 OfficeMate Plc.
OfficeMate has a full range of office supplies and equipment : fax machines, shredders, calculators, bar code system, office furniture, computer supplies, writing and correcting products, stationery, files, document trays, paper, envelopes etc.

 Thai Handicrafts Export Center, Chiang Mai
Handmade mulberry (saa) paper products such as greeting cards, gift bags, bottle tote bags, picture frames, notebooks, bows, package decorations and more.

 Orca (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
The office products range of Orca includes : lever arch/ring files, magazine holders, display files, cabinets etc. Notebooks, rulers, pencil boxes. PP files, sheet protectors, and slide lockers.

 Nan Mee Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of stationery, office and art supply products under Horse, Nanmee, and Arrow brands. Our factory is the largest producer in terms of product assortment and production volume : over 1,000 items in 5 categories (art supply, files, markers, writing instruments, and other office supplies). For over 40 years, we are the sole agent of Max, the leading Japanese brand name for staples and stapling machines.

 KTR Decor Gift And Decorate Products.
KTR Decor is an innovative producer, providing quality gift and decorative items with excellent service to customers all over the world. We also make products to order that are not shown on our website and have pioneered some very interesting items. We can also make stationery, Mulberry paper products to your specifications. provides writing utensils and markers. Edding permanent markers, Edding board markers, Edding flipchart markers and OHP markers, Eisen sharpeners. Staplers.