Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon


This page has not been updated in a while, so some comments are now probably inaccurate.

Siam Ocean World is located in the basement at Siam Paragon. We actually missed it on our first visit to the shopping complex. But finding it is not too difficult. From the entrance you reach from the skytrain, go down one level and you are at the Siam Ocean World level.

One of the larger aquariums at Siam Ocean World


There are seven section : Weird and Wonderful ; Deep Reef ; Living Ocean ; Rain Forest ; Rocky Shore ; Open Ocean ; Sea Jellies.
You can go from one exhibition to another just by following the 'road'. Siam Ocean World consists mainly of small sized and bigger sized aquariums with various fish and other sea creatures. Fishes include sharks, a giant grouper, stingrays, giant crabs etc. You can walk through some tunnels with water and fish all around you.
There are also some small theatres for video displays and explanations.

While walking through Siam Ocean World we certainly found it interesting, but we can not say we where completely satisfied with the experience. We actually expected something on a much larger scale, and actually walked back and forth a few times to see whether we missed something. Charging 450 baht seems to be a bit steep.
For rest stops, visitors are invited to enjoy Nescafe (???).

There are various seastars on display at Siam Ocean World


We also noticed that the water in a lot of aquariums was not exactly clear. We do not know anything about the logistics of keeping large watertanks clean, but can only state the facts. Talking good pictures of the fishes in the aquariums is rather difficult. That is why you do not see more on this page, actually.

One small exhibition displays various seastars, and you are invited to touch them. If you never did, we can tell you they feel like rocks.

The most disappointing section was the 'Sea Jellies' section, where we expected to see some large jelly creatures, but where only shown miniscule (2-3cm) though colorful examples.
We actually suggest that Siam Ocean World should simply become a free exhibit for all visitors of Siam Paragon to enjoy.

Just one more note. From reading about it, we understand that to get thousand of species of fish and sea animals on display, one needs to collect and transport many more thousands (because a majority of the animals dies during the process). Furthermore, animals living in these aquarium have a shorter life, and need to be 'replaced' in a continuous process.
We do understand that the corals on display are not real.