Mutual Funds, Provident Funds, Retirement Funds. Futures Trading.

 Tisco Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Mutual Funds by Tisco Asset Management include : Long Term Equity Fund, Retirement Mutual Fund, Money Market Fund, Mixed Fund, Foreign Investment Fund, Fixed Income Fund.

 Talis Asset Management
Talis Asset Management can offer private fund and mutual fund investments. Money market funds, equity funds, fixed income funds, property funds, retirement mutual funds (RMF), foreign investment funds.

 SCB Asset Management
Mutual funds and private funds represent the core of SCBAM's business line up. Our family of funds include equities, fixed income, property and cash for retail investors.

 Krungsri Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Krungsri Asset Management is an asset management company with Bank of Ayudhya as its principal shareholder. It offers government bonds, money market fixed income investments, equity funds, foreign investment funds, retirement mutual funds.

 One Asset Management Limited (ONEAM)
ONEAM offers asset management service to both individual and institutional investors. Investment in : fixed-income funds, equity funds, retirement mutual fund, long-term equity, foreign investment funds, country funds etc.

 Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (MAMT) is a member of Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC) which is a leading Canadian-based financial services group. Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) was granted business license to manage assets for both mutual and private funds.

 Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC)
At present, AIMC members are asset management companies in three business groups comprising mutual fund business, private fund business, and provident fund business. As of 2008, AIMC has 29 member companies, involving 62 licenses under the three business groups.

 Thai Clearing House Co. Ltd. (TCH)
TCH acts as a clearing house for all derivatives traded on the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX). As such TCH's most important role is to serve as the central counter-party to all contracts traded on that exchange. Services provided include the registering, clearing and settling of all such transactions, the guaranteeing of performance of obligations and the managing of risks associated with the clearing and settlement system.

 TFEX - Thailand Futures Exchange
The TFEX has been established to be act as an exchange for the trading of derivatives which offer products for effective hedging. Equities and other securities indices. Debts instruments and interest rates. Non-agricultural commodities and other financial indices (e.g., gold, crude oil and foreign currencies).

 Thanachart Fund Management Co. Ltd.
Thanachart Fund Management Co. Ltd. has investment activities in mutual funds, provident funds and private funds.

 MFC Asset Management Public Co. Ltd.
MFC Asset Management is licenced to manage mutual funds, provident funds and private funds.

 Krung Thai Asset Management Public Co. Ltd.
Krung Thai Asset Management Public Co. Ltd. offers equity funds, fixed income funds, capital protected funds, money market funds, retirement mutual funds, long term equity funds.

 Kasikorn Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Kasikorn Asset Management Co. Ltd. offers various mutual funds, provident funds and private funds. It is part of the Kasikorn Bank Group.

 Globlex Holding Plc
Products of Globlex Holding include : 96,5 % gold bars (5, 10, 20 and 50 baht) and 99,99% gold bars (5, 10, 20, 50 baht and 1 kilogram).

 TMB Asset Management
Under the supervision of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Thai Military Bank Asset Management is one of the 14 mutual fund companies licensed by the Ministry of Finance.