Medical Tourism in Thailand

 My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand
My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand are cosmetic surgery facilitators. We work in tandem with several practitioners of cosmetic surgery in Bangkok providing value, safety, expertise, translation services and care. Free online consultations, advice, travel planning, transport and accommodation advice.

 Thailand Dental Guide
We provide information, assistance and independent recommendations to people seeking Thailand dental treatment.

 International Medical Health Solutions
International Medical Health Solutions is a privately owned medical tourism company. We advise, arrange, and coordinate medical and cosmetic services for expatriate residents and overseas visitors. Our selected physicians are graduates of internationally recognized medical institutions and Thailand's finest medical schools.

 Restored Beauty Getaways, Pattaya
Restored Beauty Getaways provides medical and surgical packages for both men and women seeking treatment abroad in exotic Thailand. In conjunction with the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, we offer a complete holiday make-over package with spa treatments to ensure you will return home with an inner sparkle! Offices in Pattaya, Perth, Sydney and Essex, U.K.

 Somnio International Medical Holidays Pty. Ltd.
Somnio is an Australian based company, facilitating and coordinating cosmetic and dental holidays in Australia and Thailand. Established in 2009 by founding members Yvonne Cosier & Virginia Riddle-Cross, Somnio quickly set a benchmark for medical tourism agencies by offering superior service and personalized care.

CosMediTour offer Medical Holidays to Thailand. Our packages include hot deals for breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, face lifts and much more.

 Thailand for Healthcare
Thailand for Healthcare does the research to find providers that offer high quality care at lower costs then set up contracts to refer patients. We are reimbursed by the provider in the form of commissions that do not result in additional costs to our clients. We specialize in cosmetic surgery, face lifts, dental and fertility.

 Lotus Medical International
Lotus Medical International is a Thailand-based medical tourism provider of surgical, non-surgical, and dental treatments in Phuket and Bangkok. Lotus Medical International only works with JCI or ISO registered hospitals ensuring the best internationally trained surgeons and five star medical care.

 Smile Planners
Smile Planners facilitates dental holidays to leading implant and cosmetic dentists in Thailand, treatments include dental implants, dental veneers and makeovers. is an official website concerning medical tourism in Thailand. It is provided by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). It lists hospitals and other providers of medical services. Also current attractive deals, accommodations, etc.

 Phuket Health and Travel
We offer an extensive lists of medical tourism treatments at Bangkok Phuket Hospital. Medical check-ups, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, MRI scans, kidney dialysis, sex reassignment surgery, knee and hip replacements etc.

 Sogocare - Thailand Health Solutions
Sogocare offers a free personalized service to help you find the treatments you need, for your budget, at the best clinics and hospitals in Thailand. We are able to find the most suitable facilities across Thailand for your personal and medical needs, advising you and answering any questions you may have. We speak French, English and Thai.

 Cosmetic Surgery Thailand
Cosmetic Surgery Thailand offers you cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, breast implants, liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck and many more. Bangkok and Koh Samui.

 Cosmedic Jetaways Thailand
We arrange cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand by internationally qualified surgeons. We are an international medical and cosmetic tourism agency. We combine this with packages that nurture the recovery process amidst spectacular natural beauty and tropical paradise. Personal limo services to and from airports and transport to all medical consultations and cosmetic surgery procedures.
We provide the medical tourist with international medical tourism facts about affordable treatments. We do not mark up the medical care, surgeries or dental care we recommend. Extensive list of treatments and procedures with their quoted prices, but cooperating hospitals and clinics not obviously listed (ed.).
Cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic by a national board-qualified plastic surgeon. Clinics in Bangkok and Chiangmai. Types of surgery : liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, facelift, eyelid surgery, nose augmentation and reduction, chin augmentation, scar revision, botox treatment.