Lingerie, Ladies' Underwear, Swim Suits

 AnneBra - Wavely Co. Ltd.
AnneBra has a fine collection of lingerie and swimwear for women. Many branches in shopping malls, and at quite a few BTS stations.

 Body Wear Co. Ltd.
Body Wear produces brassieres, panties and swimwear. Also sleep wear, active wear and casual wear garments. Control outfits for body shaping.

 Kyra Mode Ltd.
Kyra Mode is fashion lingerie house of brands, with Kyra, Playboy Intimates (USA) and Play (USA). We have licensed Playboy Intimates and Play for Thailand long ago. With 30 retail stores including counters in Central Group, The Mall, Robinson and Terminal 21, and an increasing online presence.

 Thai Wacoal Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Wacoal, a publicly listed company, produces brassieres, ladies' underwear, nightwear, homewear, childrenwear and boutiquewear.

 Intimate Fashion Co. Ltd.
Intimate Fashion produces elegant ladies' underwear for intimate moments. OEM manufacturer for well known brands.

 Boudoir by Disaya
Boudoir by Disaya conveys an attitude of being playful yet sophisticated. Boudoir's womenswear range is subtly luxurious with hints of boldness and buoyancy. The wide range of products offered by Boudoir will suit many women, from young teens to professional and mature ladies. Boudoir by Disaya is available in U.S.A., Australia, Spain, U.K., department stores in Bangkok. Lingerie, ready to wear and fashion jewelry.

 Jintana Apparel Co. Ltd.
Jintana is a manufacturer of high-quality women's underwear, nightgowns and swimsuits. Various fabrics and styles.

 Thai Onono Plc
Thai Onono produces ladies's and men's underwear, nightwear, maternity wear and children's wear in various kinds of fabric. We produce for O.E.M market and private brands.

 Thai Disposable Innerwear Co. Ltd.
Thai Disposable Innerwear produces disposable bras, underwear, G-strings. Also standard ladies' underwear.

 Sabina Pcl
Sabina has various designs of lingerie and underwear for children, teenagers and women.

 Wien International Co. Ltd.
Wien International has been in the lingerie business for 30 years as a leading distributor, wholesaler and exporter of women's underwear and apparel. Our brands name Wienna and 'L'Veda which supply to countries in Asean, Europe, Middle East, Australia, etc. Part of Saha Group.