Health in Thailand : General Info, Health and Pharmaceutical Products, and Medical Equipment

 Srichand United Dispensary Co. Ltd.
Srichand United Dispensary manufactures, markets and imports 3 main products : pharmaceutical products in liquid form, chemical products and pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetic products under Srichand powder brand.

 Air Thai Life
Air Thai Life offers natural organic weight loss, quality detox and superfood supplements. All our product are of the highest organic quality. We use no GMO's and all our products are vegan based. We ship all over the world.

 Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute
QSMI is the sole manufacturer of BCG vaccine (tuberculosis) in Thailand and supplies the vaccine to Ministry of Public Health. Serum production department (against snake venom, rabies etc.). Rabies immunization clinic, immunization and travel clinic, animal toxin clinic. Snake farm. Located close to Thai Red Cross, corner of Henry Dunant and Rama IV road.

 Life Center Sathorn
Life Center is located at Q.House Lumpini adjacent to the Lumphini MRT station. It is a lifestyle mall for beauty, health and well-being services.

 Biolab Co. Ltd.
BIOLAB is a Thai pharmaceutical company, manufacturing a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations, i.e. powders, tablets, capsules, liquids, ointments, creams, and sterile preparations.

 CircLife Medical by CircLife Co. Ltd.
Circlife is authorized distributor : Rossmax Medical (automatic blood pressure monitors), Rossmax Innotek (pulse oximeters), Airsep (stationary oxygen concentrators), Precision Medical (portable oxygen concentrators), mercury-free sphygmomanometers, wheelchairs. Located Kanchanapisek Road, and at Vichaiyut, Phyathai and the Police Hospitals.

 Specialty Natural Product Co. Ltd.
Specialty Natural Product is a manufacturer of Thai botanical herbal extracts for pharmaceutical products, as dietary supplements, functional food, and for the cosmetic industry.

 A.N.B. Laboratories Co. Ltd.
A.N.B. Laboratories produces sterile pharmaceutical products. Sterile products include : eye and ear preparations, injection preparations, intravenous solutions, irrigation solutions. Dialysis solutions. Veterinary solutions. Catalog of products by request.

 Hong Mao Biochemicals Co. Ltd.
Opeating in Rayong province, Hong Mao Biochemicals is able to supply diverse potencies of Bromelain from 1000 GDU/g to 3000 GDU/g. Bromelain is a product from pineapple, for use as a medicinal food supplement, and as a tenderizer.

 WA Rubbermate Co. Ltd.
WA Rubbermate produces non-sterile powder free and lightly powdered latex gloves, and nitrile examination gloves.

 Pandrugs Co. Ltd.
Pandrugs has about 40 generic drugs in its inventory : NSAID, antihistamines, gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular and antidepressant drugs

 Idyll Life Co. Ltd.
Idyll Life is an importer of the high-intensity natural sweetener Rebaudioside A (RebA), better known as Stevia. Available in bulk packages.

 The Goverment Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO)
GPO is a governmental organization. It engages with the pharmaceutical industry and business through manufacturing, selling of medicines. It reinforces research and development of new and existing drugs. Analysis of pharmaceutical products and materials. Retail shops (Immigration Chaeng Wattana) sell some interesting herbal products (Gingko Biloba, Cinnamon and turmeric capsules) cheaply.

 Premier Pharma Supply Co. Ltd.
Premier Pharma Supply is an importer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical finished products, empty hard gelatin capsules.

 British Dispensary
British Dispensary provides personal care and health care products. Prickly heat powder (Snake brand), expectorants, laxatives, antacids, paracetamol.

 EarTone Hearing Solutions
Established for about 15 years, Eartone is an ear and hearing services center operated by Eartone (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which is a leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of hearing aids in Thailand. Phonak and Beltone hearing equipment. Offices in Bangkok and Pattaya.

 Food and Drug Administration (FDA Thai)
Thai Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is the controlling agency for medical drugs and food. FDA regulates and monitors health products to meet quality and efficacy standards. It promotes good manufacturing practicex in the production and quality control of health products.

 Mega Lifesciences Ltd.
Mega Lifesciences manufactures and markets medicines, nutricional and herbal products, over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs, catering especially to developing countries.

 Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd.
Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry is a manufacturer and marketer of established pharmaceutical products in Bangkok, Thailand.

 Biopharm Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Biopharm Chemicals distributes a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs : ranitidine, omeprazole, ondansetron HCL, acyclovir, antifungal agents, antibiotics, enalapril, dopamine, felodipine, loratidine, contraceptives, bromoscriptine, salbutamil, etc. Offices off Sukhumvit road, Bangkok.

 Polipharm Co. Ltd.
Polipharm provides a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals. Tablets, capsules, liquids and syrups, creams and gels, powders. You need to register to see products available.

 Thai Nakorn Patana Co. Ltd.
Employing 1,600 people, Thai Nakorn Patana is a leading Thai pharmaceutical company.

 Kiengmool - Charcoal Products
Kiengmool converts bamboo into Kiengmool charcoal and wood vinegar products. Charcoal bags, absorbing charcoal, pet products, soaps, pillows filled with charcoal. All very nicely packaged and available at leading hypermarkets.

 Thai Herbal Products Co. Ltd.
Thai Herbal Products is a joint venture between GPO (Govermental Pharmaceutical Organization) and the private sector. Wide variety of herbal and nutritional supplements.

 Bayer Group in Thailand
The Bayer Group offers high–technology products that cover consumer care, animal health, pharmaceuticals, crop protection, environmental science. We produce materials such as polycarbonates, polyurethanes, thermoplastic polyurethanes, raw materials for coatings, sealants and adhesives. Three business subgroups : HealthCare, CropScience and MaterialScience. Thai Bayer office at Sathorn Road, Bangkok.

 Khaolaor Laboratories Ltd. Part.
Khaolaor Laboratories Ltd. Part. : Herbal Medicines (Pueraria mirifica, Lingzhi extract capsules) ; Health Foods (Garlic Extract Powder Capsule under brandname Immunytop 2000) ; Herbal drinks ; Beauty Care products (Pueraria mirifica cream)

 Chor Nature -
Chor Nature Ltd. Co. provides hair products with Thai herb ingredients : revitalizing hair tonics, shampoos, nourishing conditioners. Also facial herb products. Jiva Hair Care Center offers intensive hair treatment with fresh herbs by combining the modern medicine and traditional Thai medicine together.

 Animal Supplement and Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
ASP is a leading manufacturer for animal medicine and food supplements in Asean. Products include premix, antibiotics, enzymes, feed additives, toxin binders, disinfectants.

 Innovative Glove Co. Ltd.
Innovative Glove produces both Nitrile and Latex powder free and powdered examination gloves.

 Merck Online Thailand
Since its foundation, Merck Ltd. Thailand, whose main activity is marketing the pharmaceutical and chemical products of Merck KGaA and associated companies, has shown rapid business growth.

 Siam Intermagnate Co., Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel hospital utensils, medical equipment, patient care products, and kitchenware branded "MAGNATE".

 Thai Medical Device Suppliers Association
Local and international companies with a major interest in the distribution of medical devices in Thailand.