Elevators (Lifts), Escalators. Installation, Repair, Maintenance

 M.U.I. Rubber Belt Co. Ltd.
MUI Rubber is a manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts. Wide application in mining, construction, aviation, transportation, agricultural and chemical industries.

 Tanakul Workgroup Co. Ltd. - Aritco
Tanakul Workgroup, Bangkok, is a partner of Sweden-based Aritco, a manufacturer of home, residential and platform lifts.

 Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Mitsubishi elevator provides home, passenger and service elevators, freight elevators, hospital bed elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

 W. Kiert Group
W. Kiert Group is the first and exclusive Fujitec distributor in Thailand. Fujitec is a leading and integrated manufacturer of a wide variety of people-moving systems, including elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and vertical parking equipment. Installation, maintenance and repair.

 Gencom Elevator Co. Ltd.
Gencom Elevator : passenger elevators, bed and freight elevators, elevator for handicapped, dumb waiters, accessories. Services : upgrading old elevators, repair and maintenance.

 Siam-Hitachi Elevator Co. Ltd.
Siam-Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd. (SHE) manufacturers, installs and distributes Hitachi elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks, while Bangkok-Hitachi Elevator Service Co. Ltd. (BHESCO) installs and services these products in Thailand.

 Ele-Mart Co. Ltd.
Ele-Mart manufactures and produces elevator and escalator replacement parts for major brands. Traction machines, controller systems, car cabins, door operators, landing door devices, safety gears etc.

 Pioneer Lift & Crane Co. Ltd.
Wide variety of elevators under the Pioneer brand : home, passenger, fireman, freight elevators. Escalators and chairlifts. Hospital and bed elevators. Car and mobile elevators.

 Asia Schneider (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Asia Schneider provides lifts for homes and villas, machine roomless elevators, transparency-observation elevators, FES-type escalators, horizontal and inclined autowalks.