Elephants in Thailand

 Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai
Elephant Nature Park is a conservation project in Chiang Mai Province, and has been operating since the 1990's. It's a goal to provide a sanctuary and elephant rescue center.

 Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang
The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), was founded in 1993 under Royal Patronage. Visitors can watch elephants being cared for, make trips on elephants. The center also operates an hospital for elephants and does cutting-edge research.

 Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo
Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo in Nakhon Pathom province, features an Elephant Theme Show and a Crocodile Wrestling Show. Visit our tropical garden and waterfalls on elephant's back.

 Maesa Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai
Maesa Elephant Camp houses a large assembly of elephants in the north of Thailand. We create a natural and healthy environment for the elephants and work to conserve and breed them, in view of the dwindling number of Asian elephants left in the wild. Elephant health care, elephant training, mahout training, elephant shows.

Situated at the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village Ayutthaya, we are running a program to retire old working elephants. The ElephantStay is the accommodation for participants.

 Elephant Village Pattaya
Elephant Village Pattaya offers elephant shows, elephant treks, jungle tours.

 Elephant Reintroduction Foundation
The foundation is dedicated to a management system for rehabilitation of captive elephants and habitat preparation to ensure successful long-term sustainability after their return to the wild.