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Thailand related Domain Names for Sale


Over the last ten years or so, we accumulated an assortment of domain names, and provided content for the hosted websites.

We are scaling back now. Some of the content was duplicate, in other subjects we lost interest or the stamina to update them regularly; and to be honest, some projects were not successful. We will stop paying hosting fees for these websites in the next few months, but keep the domain names for a while (trying to sell them).

In any case, these domain names are available to anyone who makes a reasonable offer. We do not sell the content though, just the domain. Contact us by email : gv AT * PR=3 * PR=1 ** PR=3 PR=3

* redirected content, therefore no PR
** quite a catch, if you ask me

If you still give importance to it, quite of few of these domains have reasonable PR, something I do not quite always understand. Maybe because they have been around for a few years.

We would suggest you go to and search for these websites. Some are listed for auction, and you can always bid for one of the others. If you contact us directly, we will refer you to GoDaddy.








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