Dental Hospital, located Sukhumvit Road Soi 49. Dental Services.

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Dental Hospital Building in Soi 49, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

The Dental Hospital in soi 49 (close but not part of Samitivej hospital) provides up-to-date dental treatment.
[Please be aware that Dental Hospital is moving from March 2018 to a location at Sukhumvit Soi 77]


Dental services at Dental Hospital :

We regularly use the services of the Dental Hospital in Sukhumvit Soi 49. The hospital, solely dedicated to providing dental services, is located deep in the soi (about 2 to 3 km) just a few hundred meters before Samitivej hospital (which might be better known by taxi drivers). Opposite the Dental Hospital is a Villa Market supermarket, which can serve as another landmark.
The hospital is in a dedicated building, 4 storeys high. You will get a general dental check-up on your first visit. Prices are not very low, though cheaper than in most home countries. There is an abundance of various dental specialists, and you could get any necessary dental work done here. Different dentists will work on subsets of work to be done, if necessary. This a in our opinion a good setup. Prices of work done are not arbitrary, but clearly defined. Patients' data are put on computer files, and you will be regularly reminded when you need your next dental checkup by email messages.

Sixty percent of the patients are foreigners. When overviewing people in the waiting area, we reckon most are expatriates living in Bangkok, a minority medical tourists.

Their is a list of dental procedures and the prices quoted available at the reception counter when entering the hospital. You will need to pay in advance for some treatments (like crowns, root canals, implants).

Dental treatments have progressed over the last few years and have been speeded up. We noted before that we needed 6 visits (including root canal) to finish a crown on one of our teeth. Now this would take only 2 to 4 visits. For example, when after the preparatory work a dental impression is made to decide the contour, size of a needed crown, said crown will be ready in a few hours and provided it is not too late in the day and you can wait for it (or live closeby), you can have it placed the same day.

(comment on the side : anesthesia procedures did not progress well over the years. In our experience it still takes 20 minutes to work properly, and even more inconvenient is the fact that it lasts too long afterwards, so you are not quite able to eat or drink without biting your lips on occasion)

The Dental Hospital also has a small 'pharmacy' in its lobby. You can get here all kinds of dental hygiene instruments, including regular and specialized tooth brushes, interdental brushes, dental floss, oral desinfectants etc. Tooth brushes from Tepe are featured, whick are the softest we have ever encountered.

Note : Despite a faculty comprising tens of dentists and dental specialists, the Dental Hospital does not provide coverage during holiday periodes like the period around New Year. So, you will have to suffer through your dental problem for up to a small week, or see treatment elsewhere.


Dental services at other hospitals and clinics :

The dental department of the major hospitals in Bangkok for sure also offer good dental services.
You may notice when viewing our directory listings of dental services available, that you have a lot of choice. A lot of services seem mainly to be catering to dental tourists. Often it appears as if cosmetic dental services are offered, like 'whitening' services. Dental implants also seem to be widely available. Before going for any 'whitening' treatment or other cosmetic work, we suggest you research a bit, because we just presume that this may not be the best way for long-term dental health. We do not know about the expenses for various treatments. As a guideline, we just assume that dental services at major hospitals (Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General, Samitivej Hospital) will be priced at similar levels. Most clinics probably provide services at lower rates. Often materials used can be cheap or expensive. For example, if you need a crown or a bridge, different materials from different sources are available. If you are charged less for services, you may want to consider that some of the material may be of lower quality (to provide long-term beneficial results).

A few years back, we sent emails to various well known international hospitals in Bangkok, to ask for the price of dental implants. There were some differences, so you may do this exercise yourself to find out.

We think it is unfortunate that Dental Hospital does not list all its dentists and their qualifications and specialties on their website. Most international hospitals in Bangkok provide this service. We think this is beneficial if you have the names for you to do your own research and/or make an appointment online.

Unless you explicitly ask for it, you will not know the name of the dentist who works on your teeth. Most will go by their nickname or first name, no nameplates. Even your receipt will not mention the name of the dentist who worked on your teeth. There is also some kind of 'dental unit' system in place (we guess this is common, and we do not say this is good or bad), where the dentist who does your root canal refers you to one particular colleague to do the crown, who may refer you to one other colleague if you may be in need of a dental implant for another tooth etc.

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