Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine (Goddess Tuptim Shrine) - More Pictures


Lords of the Land

Figurines representing the Lords of the Land. Usually present in Thai Spirit Houses.


Text on the sign at the Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine :

The origins of Chao Mae Tuptim are obscure. It can be recalled that a spirit house was built by Nai Lert for the Spirit who was believed to reside in the large Sai (ficus) tree.
The basic offerings are fragrant wreaths of snow-white jasmine flowers, incense sticks, pink and white lotus buds. Chae Mae Tuptim has received yet another rather less conventional kind of gift, phallic in shape, both small and large, stylized and highly realistic. Over the years they have been brought by the thousands, and today fill the area around the shrine. Confronted by the extraordinary display the shrine has automatically been concluded to be dedicated to fertility.

Solitary lingam used a a support for a tree in the area around the shrine to Chao Mae Tuptim.


San Phra Phrom in front of the Nai Lert Bangkok Hotel.


San Phra Phrom Detail. Entrance to Nai Lert Bangkok Hotel (Swissotel).


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