Bedding Products and Mattresses

 Slumberland (Thailand) Ltd.
Our Posture Spring System with state-of-the-art technology will help you to sleep in comfort throughout to night on your Slumberland mattress. Slumberland available at most department stores, and many retail outlets in Bangkok and Thailand.

PerfectPads offers mattresses, eco-wood and semi-flex boxspring systems, pillows and protectors.

 Good Guy Group Co. Ltd. - Hundred Year Pillow
Hundred Year Pillow provides pillows and cushions from natural materials and in different sizes. Bolsters, Asian and European sized pillows, travel cushions.

 Vertis Latex Co. Ltd.
Located on Phuket, Vertis Latex is a manufacturer of 100% natural latex foam. Used in a variety of cushions : standard pillows, knobby contour pillows, heart shaped pillows.

 Pearl Bedding Co. Ltd. - Toto
TOTO products include : bedding sets, bed sheets, pillows, comforters, bolsters, duvets and duvet covers, bed padding. Available at many shopping malls in Bangkok.

 Admire Home
Admire Home collection of therapy pillows. Selection of high-quality casual, fancy and formal bedding sets. Toy pillows, utility pillows, home interior decorations cushions. Available in department stores, Admire Shop at Platinum Fashion Mall.

 Pama Toy Co. Ltd.
Bedding for children : sheets and pillows, bumpers, quilt covers, fleece blankets. Tables and chairs for children, toy boxes.

 Akarat Textile Industry Co. Ltd.
Akarat Textile Industry is a manufacturer and exporter of bed sheets and wide width fabrics. Finished cedding products, plain dyed, printed or embroidered. Hotel and hospitality linen, pillow cases, duvets, napkins, tableclothes.

 Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co.Ltd. - Springmate
Springmate mattresses and bedding can be found at selected mattress stores in Thailand, Fly Now Factory outlets. Corporate supplier of many luxury resorts in Thailand.

 Hugs Thailand
Mattresses of Hugs Thailand are reportedly used at major brand hotels in the country. Models include Super Spring, Sleeprite and Pocket Spring, with or without pillow tops. Fire retardant fabrics.

 Patex Foam - Pattani Industry (1971) Co. Ltd.
Patex products include natural latex mattresses, natural latex foam sheets, natural latex pillows, baby set (set of latex baby-pillow and latex foam sheet), carpet underlays, fire retarded carpet underlays. Different shapes, sizes and hardness, with choice of covering fabric. Domestic and export market.

 De Hygienique
De Hygienique (Thailand) offers mattress and carpet cleaning services to get rid of dust mites, bacteria, mould, fungi etc.

 Darling Mattress
Darling Mattress is a privately owned manufacturer and exporter of bedding products. Spring and non-spring mattresses, pillows and bolsters, headboards, rollers. Customers include major hotel chains in Thailand.

 Latex Systems Co. Ltd.
Latex Systems have developed a range of bedding articles made from 100% natural latex foam. Latex mattresses and cushions, cotton cover fabrics, baby sets.

 C.S. Bedding International Co. Ltd.
Products of C.S. Bedding : Bed sheets, quilt covers, comforters, pillows, cushions, bolsters, bedding accessories, towels, table linen. Brands : Hallmark Design Collection (licence), Saint Marc (Paris), Q-PIO. Available at leading shopping malls.

 Sleepwell Industries Co. Ltd.
Sleepwell Industries is a provider of European luxury bedding products. Pocket spring and offset spring bed sets. Latex beds and toppers.

 Arrow Bedding Co. Ltd. - Synda
Synda mattresses, bedding, and bed design services. Many showrooms at Central, the Mall, and Robinson department stores, at Siam Paragon and Emporium. At Homepro and Homeworks stores.

 Dream Hygiene Co. Ltd.
Professional mattress cleaning/sanitizing service and bed bug maintenance program. We guarantee all your mattresses are free from dust mites, bacteria, nasty human pathogens and many other unhealthy or asthma inducing allergens. Dream Hygiene creates a healthy sleeping environment.

 Siam Feather Products Co. Ltd.
Siam Feather Products Co. Our company's core business comprises the processing of raw Duck and Goose Feather and Down, and the manufacturing of finished products. Pillows, quilts, duvets, sleeping bags.