Thailand : Alternative Energy, Renewable, Solar, BioDiesel, Ethanol etc.

 SPCG Public Co. Ltd.
As of 2019, SPCG has invested and developed 36 solar farms for a total of 260 megawatts. It operates the first commercial solar power plant in Thailand and in ASEAN. Also provides solar roofs systems, by an experienced installation team.

 Solartron Public Co. Ltd.
We provide a high quality solar system which is a clean energy, environmental friendly, long lifetime and easy for maintenance. SOLARTRON has designed and installed more than 3,000 solar systems of various applications throughout Thailand and neighboring countries i.e. Laos and Cambodia. In 2003, SOLARTRON has setup the 'Solartron Technology Center' in Nakhon Ratchasima province with a 30MW solar assembly line.

 Thai Agro Energy Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Agro Energy manufactures and sells fuel alcohol (99.5 % pure by volume), with sugarcane molasses and tapioca as feedstocks.

 Padaeng Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Padaeng Industry is structured around three businesses : PDI Energy – provides energy from renewable sources (solar farms) ; PDI Materials – provides added value materials from recycled metals ; and PDI Eco – provides waste management solutions for complex industrial waste.

 Wind Energy Holding Co. Ltd.
Wind Energy Holding develops and operates wind powered electricity generation in Southeast Asia. It aims to increase production to 3,000 Megawatts by 2020. Offices in Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima.

 Thai Energy Conservation Co. Ltd. - EconoWatt
Thai Energy Conservation provides products and installations such as electronic ballasts, ozone generators, solar charge controllers/inverters and other lighting and industrial solutions for energy conservation.

 Raja Biodiesel Co. Ltd.
Raja Biodiesel operates a biodiesel plant and is a pioneer in developing non-fossil diesel fuel in Thailand. Products are coco-diesel, palm-diesel, methyl ester.

 Asia Biomass Public Co. Ltd.
Asia Biomass sells and delivers biomass fuel like wood chips, saw dust, husk and palm shell, chopped cassava, corncobs etc.

 Energy for Environment Foundation
Energy for Environment Foundation promotion domestic renewable energy utilization, via disseminating relevant knowledge, concepts and technologies, and promotes greater use of biomass.

 Mitr Phol Sugar Group
Mitr Phol Sugar Group is the leading sugar company of Thailand and offers an extensive range of sugar products. Refined sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar etc. from sugar cane. Also ethanol production as alternative fuel.

 A.T. Biopower Co. Ltd.
A.T. Biopower operates a rice husk based power plant in Pichit province.

 Energy Absolute Public Co. Ltd.
Energy Absolute produces biodiesel from plants as an alternative energy source. Purified glycerine as a by-product. Also both solar and wind power plants planned as future projects.

 School or Renewable Energy Technology
SERT, part of Naresuan University in Phitsanulok, develops renewable energy technologies to meet energy demands in South East Asia and to promote the industrial applications of renewable energy.

 Leonics Co. Ltd.
Started as an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) manufacturer, Leonics has moved into renewable energy solutions. Energy saving products, solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), UPS.

 Asia Green Energy Public Co. Ltd.
Asia Green Energy (AGE) is an affiliate company of Kok Haud Group, a supplier and distributor of biomass fuels such as wood chips, sawdust, paddy husks and palm shells, supplying industrial manufacturers like sawmills and rice mills.

 Papop Co. Ltd.
Papop produces biogas from wastewater in Thailand. Papop has its own technologies, is an expert in biogas generation systems, and the treatment of industrial wastewater. The company invests continually in research and development.

 Thai Biogas Energy Co.
The need for sufficient energy in fast growing economies is creating vicious competition for scarce and expensive energy resources. TBEC was founded to play a dynamic role in powering this global growth by co-developing, investing, owning and operating biogas projects in Thailand.

 Patum Vegetable Oil Co. Ltd.
Patum Vegetable Oil produces refined palm and coconut oils. Biodiesel production with glycerine as a by-product.