Warning : This page talks about 'adult' matters.

Oil massage is more highly priced than traditional Thai massage at about 400 baht per hour. Sessions usually lasts for only one hour. This massage is now also offered at most massage outfits that offer Thai traditional massage and reflexology. There is not really nothing particularly Thai about it.

It is a different kind of massage alltogether. You have to take off all of your clothes (for traditional massage, you are given a pijama outfit). There may be some tradional massage added to it, but oil massage mostly consists of gently rubbing the skin all over your body. As it turns out, as you are male and in the nude, the masseuse girl will at the end most likely ask you whether you need some 'special' massage. She might be a bit disappointed if you decline the offer.

While it is plainly an almost unavoidable proposition to get when going for oil massage, sexual favours are also often suggested while going for a Thai traditional massage. You may become a 'victim' if there is nobody else getting a massage in close vicinity, like when the room is (almost) empty otherwise. Some 10 years ago, despite what you may think about Thailand and the availability of women there, situation like this hardly ever happened. Nowadays, well, I know some people who regularly visit massage outlets, to get sexual gratification, which will consists more than likely only of manual masturbation towards the end of the session. It is simply about money. The girl will get 10 times or more the money she gets from performing the massage proper, for the 'extracurricular' activity.

You can avoid this situation :

1) By refusing any proposition. The girl will likely be disappointed, since she was expecting to make some extra money.

2) If there are a lot of cute girls calling you in and flirting with you, and/or they are dressed a bit provocatively, possibly in tight mini skirts, you know what you are getting in to.

3) By choosing Foot Massage (reflexology) which will also include massage of the arms, neck and shoulders at the end.

4) By going up-market. Larger and more expensive establishments, have stricter rules. They may even use signs when you enter to indicate that no sexual services are provided. A lot of 'spa resorts' in and outside Bangkok, will also offer Thai Traditional Massage, as one of their 'entry' lower priced options. One particular establishment we were most impressed with is Health Land, with a few branches in Bangkok. There is one very large one in the connecting street between Sukhumvit Road Soi 19 and Asoke Road.

Massage parlours are another thing altogether. Most of them cater actually to well-off Thai customers, though some places also cater to tourists and foreigners. Prices are high, usually 2,000 baht or upwards. Many times, the service has to be paid up front, and you are supposed to give a tip to the girl on top of the price mentioned.
Massage parlours, mostly, are just a cover up for high-end prostitution.
There are usually four stages involved in the massage. You get washed in a bathtub. After that you will many times be offered body-to-body massage, then some general Thai massage on the massage bed, followed by sexual activity.

I forgot to mention : When you enter a massage parlour, a large group of girls will be seated behind an one-way glass window. So you can choose the girl of your liking. I understand the seating arrangement behind the glass is not random. Experienced and newer girls will be seated at different locations. You can certainly ask the person who accompanies you for the viewing and choosing, about the particulars.

Spa resorts are all the rage at the moment. It seems like a new one is opening every week somewhere in Thailand. They mostly offer a variety of massage and spa treatments. You really will get pampered at these resorts, but off course, mostly the prices for treatment and accommodation will be high. See our 'spas' section for locations, and services rendered.